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Keep Your Eye On The Ball

…But Hold On!

It is great to be alive in these times as a child of God to witness the number of converts recorded and great miracles performed across the globe for the Kingdom of God. It is a great time of seeing the Holy Spirit move in unprecedented waves across the world. All these are to remind us that the coming of the Lord is near and we must prepare as children of God to meet Him. It will simply not do to just be virgins with lamps but we must be wise to make sure we are carrying the extra oil that will last us through the whole length of waiting. So many happenings around the world and in our environment are geared towards making us question our faith and become complacent in our service to the Lord. It is believed that once we declare for Christ we can continue in our former lives as before. All this is to make sure the pews are filled and plenty of money in the coffers. It is not supposed to be so! Inasmuch as the Lord takes no pleasure in the death of a wicked person (Ezekiel 33:10-11), H…

Measurement…Whose Standard?