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Resetting The Settings Of The Old Mind

“I am sorry” was always the refrain of Franklin with his wife of many years. Since he came to the Lord a few years ago he realized that he uttered those words more often than any set of words in a day. In fact a day does not go by without his saying them to God or someone. Unfortunately, his wife, a wonderful child of God had started growing impatient with him on account of those words. Instead of her usual reply of “okay darling” she now says “that is what you keep saying”! You may feel like Franklin, in all sincerity you are truly sorry but you find yourself offending again and again on the same issue. You have prayed, fasted and even set rules for yourself but you find yourself stumbling in following the Lord Jesus Christ. Friend, no matter how well intentioned we may be, if our minds are not reset to be like that of Christ’s we will find ourselves doing things we never originally set out to do. That is why we must renew, recalibrate and reset our minds by allowing the seed …

Stumbling Is Not A Fruit Of The Spirit