Am I Hurting Myself?

To hurt oneself is to cause an injury or wounding to oneself. One could wonder, why would I hurt myself when I am not a masochist? A masochist is someone that derives pleasure from being intentionally hurt or punished. Just that definition alone puts you off and you declare 'no I don't derive pleasure from intentionally hurting myself, that would be evil'. Unfortunately, on a daily basis children of God continually inflict pain and injury upon themselves which they attribute to the devil. How can this be, you may wonder. 

When a person that claims that he or she is a child of God, loves the Lord, a bonafide citizen of Heaven willfully disobeys the commandments of God then such a person is setting himself up for hurts and disappointments. You cannot deceive or cajole God. If you claim to know and love Him then you must obey His commandments. When we disobey Him, we not only sin against Him we hurt our souls. If we despise the word of God we hurt ourselves (Proverbs 13:13).

Our obedience of God's commandments are for our benefit. Whether we keep His commands or not does not make HIM less God.  When we obey we are enriched and when we disobey we hurt ourselves. Proverbs 9: 12 puts it succinctly, if you are wise you are wise for yourself and if you are foolish or mock you are only affecting yourself. No wonder David in Psalm 19 prayed that the Lord will deliver him from willful sins. A man that willfully goes against the commands of God cannot find fulfillment. Such a man will go through struggles, pain, toils and frustrations.There are so many hurts and disappointments we go through that could have been easily avoided. 
Take Home Thought!
Friend, God gave us His word to justify (as if we never sinned) us and not to condemn us.  If we use the word of God it will profit us as we will be favored by God in every aspect of our lives.


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