Repairing Broken Altars 2

In 1Kings 18:4-39, a contest was called by Prophet Elijah to prove who the true God is. The people had been wavering between God and the demon god Baal. Even if they would want to return to the true God, the meeting point between them and God had been destroyed. For this relationship to be restored, a repair must be effected at the point of meeting. One thing that the Lord would want us to see as part of our discourse is the steps Elijah took before calling on God and getting such an awesome answer.

Elijah knew that before God can answer any prayer, there is a need to return to the location of the meeting. When God is set to speak or interract with a person, there is a location. God does not work hapharzadly. That was why in the Old testament, He told the people to worship Him in the place He had chosen to put His name. By the time we got to the New Testament, He declared that we must worship Him in Truth and Spirit - which can only take place in the heart of the person. Friend there is a location! Where is your heart? He warned us not to give our attention to the things of the world or they will steal our hearts. Have your heart wandered away from the Lord and you have done everything humanly possible to bring it back to Him and its been increasingly difficult? The Lord is here to help you. You did not come by this write-up by mistake!

Let us see what Elijah did. He rebuilt the Altar according to the pattern God had prescribed to Moses, he arranged the wood and the burnt offering accordingly. Please do note that he dug trenches round the Altar to hold gallons of water. Then he called on the Lord. The wood signifies the Word of God. The Lord told the Priests to always put fresh wood on the Altar so that the fire will not go out. Once there is no fresh wood the fire would die. How much of the Word of God do you have in you? There is a need to feed your heart with the Word of God on a daily basis, not just on Sundays or Bible study days. The burnt offering signifies our lives. The Bible tells us in Roman 12:1-2 to make a decisive dedication of our bodies to the Lord. The trenches dug round the Altar signifies that we must come before the Lord with an hunger and thirst for Him. We cannot come before Him with pre-concieved ideas or full with principles of this world. 

Friend, what state is your heart that you are expecting earth shaking miracles? If the altar is not properly dressed, wood arranged and the burnt offering on it, fire cannot fall from heaven. So many come before the Lord with empty altars expecting fire from Heaven. Friend, Fire does not fall on empty altars!

When the heart is not right God will not hear. Look inwards and redirect your heart back to the Master. Do this and you will be in for unprecedented, eye popping miracles in Jesus name.


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