Temptations, Trials, Tests et al! Part 2

Yesterday, we saw that God does not tempt anyone but He arranges tests and trials to expose what is in our hearts. This exposure is actually for our benefit, so we could readjust ourselves to look more like Him. Tests, trials and temptations are not the prerogative of a few but a standard of God that all must pass through and excel. No person can reach his or her full potential without facing these and overcoming them at every stage of his or her life.

Hebrews 12:4-11 admonishes us to see these trials and tests as a way of God disciplining us. Why? Verses 10 and 11 tells us that God wants us to share in His holiness and it is guaranteed to produce a harvest of righteousness and peace once we do not run away from the process.

Jesus Christ never promised us a trial, test, temptation free world, rather He promised to keep us from falling during this impasse if we put our trust in Him. When going through a test or trial do not despise the resultant picture you see of yourself. Instead of getting disappointed and cowering in a corner out of shame and despair or beating yourself up for being foolish, rise up and do something about the picture.

Friend hold on tight to the Lord. He is in control and would not allow you to fall nor fail!


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