The Familiar Place

I have interacted with so many people that absolutely hate what they are doing, where they are and feel impotent to change the status quo because it is convenient and familiar. As children of God there are times God will challenge us to leave our familiar and comfortable zones, stop doing the usual things and move to other things and territories that look impossible and daunting. Why? Because He is done with us in that position! I can imagine the thoughts that raced through Lot’s mind when he was told to leave a land that he had become familiar and accustomed to. The Bible tells us in Genesis 19:15-22 that the Angels told him to run to the mountains because of the disaster that was about to befall the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Alas, what was Lot’s response? He pleaded to be allowed to run to a nearby small town as he felt he couldn't make it to the mountains on time. His idea was not only short-sighted but equally faithless. Humanly speaking, we would have forced him to go to the mountains away from the destruction, but God does not work or think like humans. He had a perfect plan for him to go to the mountains; however He will not force His will on any man. Each of us must make the decision to obey Him! Lot was faithless because the Angels had specific orders not to harm Lot and anyone with him as long as they obey the command regarding their fleeing. Thus, if it were going to take him and his family a week to get to the mountains, the Angels were going to wait – “Hurry up! Run there, for I cannot do anything until you get there.” Maybe if Lot had gone to the mountains, from that vantage position, his daughters would have seen that it was not the whole world that was destroyed and would not have had incestuous relations with their father. In Micah 4:2b the Lord tells us to go up the Mountain of the Lord “…He will teach us about His ways so we may walk in His paths. For instruction will go out of Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” Friend you have been in that position doing the things you had been doing but getting no satisfaction. It may have been the Lord that told you sometime back to be in that position, NOW, He is telling you to climb up the mountain. Climbing up a mountain is not for the faint-hearted or the unserious. Only people with a purpose and brave hearted can venture out of their seemingly comfortable zones into the place Heaven is pointing out to them. You may say you are weak but God says He is your strength. Once you agree with Him, strength is released to you to go up higher. The days of serving Him at your convenience has passed because a destruction is coming whether the world likes it or not. Only those that are on the Mountain of the Lord’s Presence to receive timely instructions from Him will survive the times with their households. The little cities might be cute and look safe but are actually death traps where destinies are crushed or unfulfilled. The days of seeking to serve God at our convenience has passed, it is time to arise, walk and live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. God bless you. 


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