No Void

Have you being in a situation where you tried to do well but the people around you kept seeing the good you did as bad? How frustrating can that be? Or you are late for an appointment and your boisterous 3 year old refuses to put on a cardigan despite the cold, your entreating and even scolding? So it was with Christ when the Pharisees said He had driven out demons by the ruler of demons! After telling them how foolish they were for thinking in such a manner, He declared in Matthew 12:36-37 that everyone will give an account for every careless word uttered. For by our words we will either be condemned or acquitted. Now, some of the Pharisees and Scribes not to look put down or foolish asked in verse 38b “…Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.” Just like these people, so many today desire a sign in order to believe in Him. Some have even given Him ultimatums or else…! I can imagine Jesus being miffed with the Pharisees and Scribes. He told them that it is an evil and adulterous generation that seeks a sign before they can believe Him and only the sign of Jonah will be given to it. He went on to point out a salient point in verses 43 to 45. When we read these verses we might wonder how this has any bearing on the request some of the Pharisees and Scribes had made. The reply Jesus Christ gave is still very important for us today and will continue to be relevant until He returns to take us home. One of the lessons that can be gleaned from His response is that when a person renounces a particular way of life without filling the void that those renounced attitudes occupied, there will be a great problem. We may pretend with each other by being remorseful about certain behaviors and actions but if the void in our hearts is yet to be filled then what we declared we will never go back to or do again we find ourselves doing. Friend, in the Spirit realm there cannot be a void; something must fill the space you have cleared. A semblance of a thing is a lie and a dangerous state to be in. If you want a new life with a new way of thinking, it is not just wishing it but you must act in like manner. The Pharisees and Scribes that came to Him to ask this question had no genuine repentance in their hearts they just wanted to show that they were not part of the others that were plotting to kill Him. They were trying to be good by not doing bad but the truth is without Christ in their hearts, they are just plain empty and swept clean for every vile thing to crawl back in. Another point in this verse is that the fact that you are delivered of a particular thing does not mean that the demon at the root of the problem would not want to get back to their former abode. Jesus Christ said, the demon not finding where to go that is comfortable would come by its former house to see if there is room for it. Friend, if truly you have left the old way of life don’t live a life of compromise but take a sincere and truthful stand for the Lord, so that He can come in and dwell therein.


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