Identity Crisis 1

“Who are you?!” That was the question passenger A asked passenger B, his opponent during a bus-fight. I was so eager to here the reply of passenger B but he never answered the question. Right there, I kept thinking what the reply to the question would have been if I were asked such. We must have asked or have been asked this question numerous times in the course of our day-to-day activities, but so many never really take time to think of what the answer could be. Some tend to answer by defining themselves by their occupation rather than their identity. Who you truly are sheds light on your actions and the things you say! In Acts 19:14-15, this question was asked the seven sons of Sceva by a demon. They could not answer the question. Was it that they didn’t know who they were or they were just short of words? Maybe one of them should have said: ‘I am Simon Sceva’ or something, which may have stopped the demon from beating them up! As funny as their story always sound, have you ever imagined what your answer would be if you were being asked such? According to the Encarta dictionary (2009), identity is the set of characteristics that somebody recognizes as belonging uniquely to himself or herself and constituting his or her personality for life. It is equally a powerful feeling of affinity with another person, in this case, Christ, which involve regarding the Person of Christ as a model to copy in all wise. The first church in Acts of the Apostles was defined by the world as Christians because there was a clear likeness in being, action, and character with Christ Jesus; but the story is taking a different turn in the world we live in today. There is a growing gulf between Christ and His church in this present generation. The umbilical cord is gradually becoming weak; the value we place on the efficacy and originality of Christ Jesus and His Word is diminishing by the day and we (God’s children) don’t seem to care or show any remorse. Rather we have become the perpetrators of such evil and it doesn’t seem to border us at all. As each day passes by, we seem to be losing hold of our identity (Christ’s Identity) in exchange for the world’s identity. The original intention of God is for the church to make a difference, but we have become a replica of the world. The church has become a place for ceremonies, fashion shows, and all sorts of jamboree in an attempt to ‘spice-up’ our services and ‘activities’, basking and growing ‘robust-fully’ in self-glory, self-dreams, self-methods……it is now all about our ‘self’; displacing the position and act of “true worship”. Pulpits are now used to preach and excuse behavior that negate God’s Word. Jesus Christ is almost here as He promised, thus: ‘Who exactly are you?’ is the question God is asking you as He did Jacob. What is your answer? God bless you.


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