Identity Crisis 2

We live in a competitive, selfish and short-sighted world where everything is done to impress the next person. Now, some will call it healthy because it propels one to strive for more. The question we should ask ourselves as children of God is whose standard are we trying to match or beat? This was not the original intention of God. If evil and wickedness prevail in this generation, it is because we, the light-bearers are no longer shining tall and bright; we whose language ought to be truth and righteousness no longer uphold what has been committed to us by Christ; we who ought to be god-like, God’s very own reflection, now suffer identity crisis. 

In Genesis 1:26-27: “God spoke: ‘Let us make human beings in our own image, make them reflecting our nature, so they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, and, yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of the Earth.’ God created human beings; He created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female.” (MSG). From Genesis chapter one, God, defined man by creating his identity. All that man ought to be was defined from the very beginning, until he fell into identity crisis. Even after God came through His Son to re-define man, so many cannot still define themselves in Christ. God defines every man according to His own identity; the reason being to ensure that man becomes God’s original intention (god-like); having all the character and attitude of Christ (Phil 2:5). 

Ever since the fall of the first man Adam, God has been trying to catch man’s attention so as to bring him back to Himself and make him His refection once again. For that reason, whenever God calls a man, the first thing He does is to re-define him. When He called Peter, He said; “you are Simon son of Jonas, you shall be called (become) Peter…” What Jesus was simply saying to Peter and to us is: ‘stop being Simon (a reed), stop living and acting and speaking and reasoning like Simon,  because that’s not my original intention and plan for you from the very beginning; you don’t need to hold on to Simon’s credentials, qualifications, job status, ambition…you can’t be Simon any more...that identity is false, that is not who you should be; I have created you to be PETER……this is your heaven-ordained identity’.  If men like Enoch and Noah could stand true and tall, upholding their identity in the midst of such global evil and perversion, it means you and I have no excuse whatsoever. Remember that God is not going to judge the church (you and I) based on how dark the church is; but on the extent to which we have rejected the light no matter how little that light is! So here is the question for you again: WHO ARE YOU? God bless you as you take the decision to be who you were created and born to be.


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