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Upholding His Holiness

Shut the Door!

The Power of Obedience

The concept of obedience can be quite difficult to grasp. A lot in diverse relationships wonder why they should obey, especially when they have no regard for the one giving the orders. However, when you look at the concept again as laid down by God, one could safely conclude that obedience from the perspective of God is to be borne from a heart of love. For instance, the story of creation in the Bible is very instructional as it reveals the power of obedience as the Lord would want it. The earth, firmaments, lights and all created beings came to be by the command of God. Nothing on earth could be compared to the beauty of the stars, the moon or the skies: In their magnificence they teach us one great lesson - obedience. I dare say there is beauty in an obedient life!   In Genesis 1:14 & 15, God commanded the lights in the sky to define the day, nights, and to foretell seasons, days and years. Since the beginning of time, they have not ceased in carrying out this instruction. Can yo…

Known By Heaven

Business As Usual…? Part 2

Business As Usual...?

Recent happenings around the world have brought about a lot of adjustments in the lifestyle of many. People have relocated their homes, businesses and even places of worship to safer locations for the protection of their lives and property. Security is now said to be a collective responsibility, not just for the police, but for all. Many go about their daily activities with a sense of caution. Because they fear anything can happen at any time, they strive to be at the right place at the right time, and all these rightly so. But when it comes to applying such level of caution to their spiritual lives, many seem to be laid back and indifferent. We seem to forget that man is a spirit, who possesses a soul and lives in a body, thus, when life ends here on earth it begins somewhere else (John 5:29 and Hebrews 9:7). In scriptures we see Jesus speak about His return in a manner that should bring caution and adjustments to our daily lives too. He said “as it was in the days of Noah, so it wil…