Keep Your Eye On The Ball

          Have you ever felt that God is delaying in His promises? Several times we heard God speak definitely about a particular situation; but when the set time came and passed and the promise did not come to pass, the tendency is to begin to lose sight of Who had made the promise in the first place. God uses such experiences to teach patience and perseverance. In the parable of the 10 virgins, the virgins were told to prepare to meet the Bridegroom. In the minds of the foolish ones, they had pegged a time that they believed He would return and so were truly not prepared. In other words, once they see or ‘hear’ the sign, they will prepare. Thus, when they heard the shout that He was on His way, they chose to go get ready what they should have had with them while waiting. Unfortunately for them, their preparedness and return was late. The reason for their unpreparedness was that the Bridegroom was late. Similarly, Jesus Christ asked Peter in John 21:15-23 if he truly loved Him but Peter was upset at the line of questioning. Let’s look at the scenario again. Peter and the other disciples were told by the Lord to wait awhile in Jerusalem until they receive the Father’s promise (The Holy Spirit). However, Peter became bored and just wanted to do something that will take his mind off the happenings and he declared he was going fishing. Since he is a leader, the others followed him. Jesus Christ, after the incident, asked him severally if he truly loved Him more than all. Friend, have you being feeling bored with your walk with the Master, so much so that you have taken your eyes off the ball? Once a person’s vision is distorted it corrupts the message. That is what occurred in verse 20-23. Peter took his eyes off the ball and he sets off on another path. Friend, you have not been called to a directionless and purposeless life, but a life of total commitment and obedience to God no matter how much the situation weighs on you. It is important to keep your vision on the mission or the mission will be derailed! Unlike Peter, do not look behind at the people following to compare notes. But keep an undimmed single eye upon the Master for directives and instruction after all Jesus Christ taught us how to pray. This is a strong tool to use when faced with confusing or boring circumstances. Instead of allowing boredom (circumstances) to becloud our vision, we must run back to the Master for clarity of vision so that we do not end like the foolish virgins. God Bless you as you turn your heart and reinforce your vision in and on the Master, Jesus Christ.


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