The State of the Heart

Looking around the world, a casual observer would see that the happenings around the world have taken on an apocalyptic proportion. With the skirmishes in Europe and the Middle East threatening to engulf the world; mindless persecutions and killings of Christians in Africa, Middle East and Asia. The truth is these are all pointers to the coming of the end and the return of Jesus Christ. To prepare us, the Bible admonishes us to be alert to all the happenings around us, unfortunately many apply this alertness only to the physical happenings and they ignore the spiritual connotations as it relates to the state of the heart. For most part, Scripture points the believer to world events that are heralding the end of the world; unfortunately, the error being perpetuated now is to ignore the spiritual responsibilities of each believer in these dire times. Even as we look at the physical happenings, it is a time to consider our stand and the leanings of our hearts so as not to be swept away by the physical waves (happenings). This call for caution and awareness which is our responsibility because: “The heart is more deceitful than anything else and desperately sick – who can understand it” (Jeremiah 17:9). This shows that it is easy to focus on the physical happenings by laying blames at everyone’s doorstep except our own, thereby, get deceived and refuse to take responsibility for the state of affairs. A lesson from Scriptures shows us that in Biblical times, when Israel was been pummeled by the enemy, they do not stack the blame at the doorstep of the enemy but take responsibility for their problems because they have an understanding that the problems are a result of their heart condition. Friend, the world is in disarray, true, but what is the state of your heart? God had told us about these happenings before hand, but the things happening around you defy logic. You have prayed and fasted, great! Don’t you think it is time to examine your heart and make amends! It is irresponsibility that will make a person believe that God does not mind about the state of our hearts as long as we go to Church. Our God is a God of Justice and He shows no favoritism. If you want Him in your corner, all you have to do is come clean with Him. Jesus gave a parable of a tax collector and a Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14: the tax collector, because of his sincerity and taking responsibility for his actions went home justified. Therefore we must be spiritually awake and be in constant communion with Jesus Christ to stand the test of these times.  This we can only succeed in if we continually consider the state of our hearts and not get deceived that it is well when it is not. God bless you as you apply your heart to this truth!


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