Priests…Time To Enter In

As children of God called to be PRIESTS, we must come to the realization that nothing just happen to us if we are truly led by the Spirit of God; everything that we see and experience is preordained by the Lord (Romans 8:14). How we react to them is what will make us right or wrong in our standing with God. God is set to display His might on our behalf if our stand is right: “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are completely His” (2Chronicles 16:9a). However, such must arise from where they are sitting for this to happen. God did not create His priests to sit down idly by while the enemy runs amok throughout the land as we are currently witnessing all over the world. It is sad that priests now sit idly by while the enemy desecrates the things of God: “We are ashamed because we have heard insults. Humiliation covers our faces because foreigners have entered the holy places of the Lord’s temple” (Jeremiah 51:51). It is time to arise and do that which we were created for. Let’s take a critical look at the life of Hannah. What happened in her life was not of her own making, she was not physically sick or deficient in any way that would stop her from having children. The phrase, “the Lord had kept her from conceiving” showed that God had a hand in her condition. God even allowed her husband to marry someone else (Peninnah) that was very fruitful; who in turn made Hannah’s life unbearable because of her childlessness. On a particular occasion after they had celebrated the yearly sacrifice, instead of her usual depressive mood and complaints the Bible states: “So Hannah ate. Then she pulled herself together, slipped away quietly and entered the sanctuary” (1 Samuel 1:9, MSG). Other Versions say “she arose”. Instead of crying, complaining and whining to a helpless husband, she arose and poured her heart out to the Only One that can help change her situation. Friend, as a priest of the Most High God, it is time to arise from the seats of complaints, falsehood, deceit, depression, self pity and all manner of postulations and enter into the Sanctuary (the Heart of God) and pour our hearts out. Enough of the enemy making us slaves, captives and our lives miserable in the inheritance we have been given by God. The Bible states that Eli the Priest at that time carefully observed her and put a seal on her prayers. Just like Eli, the Holy Spirit is carefully observing us and putting a seal on the things we say to Him sincerely. It is not enough to blame the economy, government, leaders, friends, family, neighbors or the devil; but a time to pour out our hearts so that God will stop the taunting of the Peninnahs and spiritual Amalekites that are raiding the unsuspecting. It is indeed a time to enter the Sanctuary and receive game-plans that will completely change the game and defeat the goliaths and bring down the walls of Jericho. It is time to arise and enter in! God bless you.


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