Where Are The Sons Of Light?

      If there was ever a time humanity needed God, it is these times. In man’s quest for perfection and the ultimate prize (whatever that may be), there is a gradual but noticeable drift from what should be to things that were unheard of. We question why there’s such acceleration towards self-destruction but we fail to search out what was before and what made ‘before’ ‘so good’! 
       At a point in time, the children of Israel drifted from the living God and turned to worthless idols, self idolization and the likes. The resultant effect was terrible and the nation is still reeling from the effects till date. These events are recorded in the Scriptures to serve as a reminder to us as to what will happen when we consciously drift from the one true God. You may call this piece religious or fanatic, but the truth is, when a person/nation loses direction as to where he/she is going and lose grip of where he/she had been, such is but a step from self destruction. When we first embraced the Lord, it was so sweet and we desired with all our heart to be with Him; we endured all knowing that in Him, we have an enduring possession. However, when faced with certain situations beyond our control, the temptation to water down the expectations of God for our lives stares us in the face in order to give credence to the path of hypocrisy our decision has led us. 
      The woman at the well in John 4 was a typical example of a person that daily searches for the truth without actually grasping the truth. Jesus told her that if she asked Him, He would give her living water and she will never thirst again. She, like many trivialized this feat, thinking it will be a physical thing that will automatically solve her immediate problems. Friend, the solution that you seek actually starts from your inside! Back to the woman by the well; what the Lord Jesus Christ was telling her and us is if we allow Him (the Word – principles and doctrines) to become flesh and dwell within us, we will actually exhibit the character of God upon the face of the earth. Remember, He is the Light of men that cannot be dimmed or quenched by darkness (John 1:4-5). If the Light then dwells in us then the Scripture: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord shines over you. For look, darkness covers the earth and total darkness the peoples; but the Lord will shine over you, and His glory will appear over you” (Isaiah 60:1-2), will become a reality in our lives. Unfortunately, darkness is spreading rapidly and many sons of light are refusing to stand up and shine. If indeed you are a son of light, the above Scripture is not to make you feel good but a command from God to stand and take your position! The reason why so many have refused to shine is because such have turned away from the Fountain of Living Water. Friend, there is an adage in this part of the world that when a river forgets its source, it is a matter of time before it will certainly and surely dry up! It is not enough to mouth that you are a child of God, but do your actions give credence to your words? The Lord reminded the children of Israel of their love for Him at first and how He blessed and protected them: “…I remember the loyalty of your youth, your love as a bride – how you followed Me in the wilderness, in a land not sown. Israel was holy to the Lord, the firstfruits of His harvest. All who ate of it found themselves guilty; disaster came to them…” (Jeremiah 2:1-3). The same thing the Lord is reminding us. The truth is, when people turn away from the Fountain of Living Water, they go dig for themselves other wells. Unfortunately, these wells are cracked and cannot hold water (Jeremiah 2:13). 
      Friend, darkness is spreading all over the world; you are the light your environment is waiting for. The irony of these times is that the darker the darkness, the brighter the light the sons of light will portray. Arise friend, and begin to shine, by allowing the Fountain of Living Water to flow through you into your environment. The land is indeed dark and perched! You are the solution that is being awaited at this time. The grace to do this is released to you in Jesus Christ name. God bless you!


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