…Not The Final Answer!

       Experiencing set-backs at work, marriage, relationships, career can be quite devastating; especially if it is a recurrent theme. So many at this point believe it is their lot and God’s final answer to their existence upon the face of the earth. It is simply not true. No matter how many times a lie is repeated, it cannot become the truth! It is said it could be, however, when the truth comes in, the lie disappears. A young lady once remarked to me that the more she prays about the situations she was having, the harder the situations become. If you are in this dilemma, don’t be discouraged and don’t relent either but be diligent in standing in God’s word. The people of Judah in the Scriptures faced a similar dilemma as they sought to rebuild the Lord’s temple after it was destroyed by the Babylonians and they themselves were taken into captivity. After they were given leave to return by king Cyrus, they faced terrible opposition as they started rebuilding: “Then the people who were already in the land discouraged the people of Judah and made them afraid to build. They also bribed officials to frustrate their plans throughout the reign of king Cyrus of Persia and until the reign of king Darius of Persia” (Ezra 4:4-5). The enemy succeeded in stopping the rebuilding of the Temple of God, or so he thought. God raised prophets for them that encouraged them to continue the rebuilding and not give in to the intimidation and fear. 
       Friend, no matter what you are going through, as long as you are still drawing breath, God has an answer for you. In Him there is hope and a solution. Do not give in to the terrible whispering of fear just like the people of Judah did but remain standing in hope in Christ Jesus. Concerning the people of Judah, amusingly, the enemy thought he would not only stop the people from rebuilding the Temple, they will be imprisoned and possibly killed. Alas, the reverse was the case when the enemy presumed that king Darius will stop the construction. What they meant for evil turned out to be a blessing for the people of Judah because the king gave instructions for provision and security for the people in regard to the building and the builders: “Leave the construction of this house of God alone. Let the governor and elders of the Jews rebuild this house of God on its original site” (Ezra 6:7). Friend, as long as you stand with God, this is His covenant with you: “Remember what happened long ago, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and no one is like Me. I declare the end from the beginning and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: My plan will take place and I will do all My will. I call a bird of prey from the east, a man for My purpose from a far country. Yes, I have spoken; so I will also bring it about. I have planned it, I will also do it” (Isaiah 46:9-11). Friend, as long as you remain in faith in God, a turn-around will happen concerning that situation to the glory of God; God “….changed the Assyrian kings attitude toward them so that he supported them in the work on the house of the God of Israel” (Ezra 6:22b). May the Lord honor His word in your life in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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