The 100 Percent Heart

       As the year draws to a close, it is a time to take stock of all that had taken place and to prepare for the coming year if the Lord tarries. One question that must be uppermost in our hearts even at this time is ‘how have I fared this year with all that the Lord gave to me?’ We must bear in mind that we were placed on this earth for a purpose and we will give an account of the time spent. No wonder the Bible warned us: “Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk – not as unwise people but as wise – making the most of the time because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16). Beloved how much of God’s word did you work this year in review? If the Lord were to come now, are you indeed sure of going with Him? So many shut their eyes in sleep and opened them, some others shut them in sleep and were unable to open them again. They were declared dead! Their time as destined by God had simply come for them to answer the eternal call. 
       Jesus Christ gave a parable of the Sower and how he scattered his seeds; each ground type the seeds fell on had a different response to the seeds scattered on it. For this discourse, let’s consider the seeds that fell on the good soil. The Bible tells us: “But the one sown on the good ground – this is the one who hears and understands the word, who does bear fruit and yields: some 100, some 60, some 30 times what was sown” (Matthew 13:23). From the parable, we have come to understand that the grounds on which the seeds were scattered represent different heart types. What made this particular ground (heart) good was because it yielded itself and allowed the seed to take root in order to bear fruit. In the account of Mark (Mark 4:20), this particular ground represents those that welcome the word. In the account of Luke (Luke 8:15), he describes this heart as good, honest and with endurance was able to bear fruit. The question that then comes to mind is why did the hearts not all produce a 100 percent of what was sown instead of some 30, 60 and a 100? From the narration they all had the capacity to produce a 100 percent of God’s word, but some could not go beyond 30 and 60. The same opportunities were given to them but only one group, through consistent endurance yielded its strength. Friend, can you truly declare that you produced a 100 percent of God’s word that was sown in you this past year? If not, what went wrong? If you cast your mind back you’d realize that you had every opportunity to produce a 100 percent. 
        Friend as you march into the New Year, there is a need to remove all the hindrances that stopped you going all the way with God. So many excuses were made this year, but beloved understand that these excuses will not be tenable when we come face to face with the Master to give account of all that we did. A songwriter wrote: “What will we say, what will we think about when the Father calls us; and says child, stop work, come and give account of all that you had done to date?” 
       In closing, as we rejoice and recount our blessings as the year wounds down, we must not lose sight of the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back; He is not coming back as a baby in a manger, but as a King and a Judge to reward everyone according to the works of their hands. And as we enter into the New Year, one prayer point that must be paramount in our minds is: “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom” (Psalm 90:12, NLT). This prayer is a cry for His grace and direction in the coming year so we can produce 100 percent of His word in all areas of our lives! HAPPY NEW YEAR and God bless you!!!


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