Denying People The Kingdom Of God Unknowingly

In Galatians 2:20 Apostle Paul by the Holy Spirit said "I no longer live, but Christ lives in me." A man that makes such a statement is simply saying he does not belong to the kingdom of the world but the Kingdom of God, in which Jesus Christ is the King. He is subject to the dictates of the King and the customs of the Kingdom. This simply means, on a daily basis our lives, activities, attitudes must portray this Kingdom. If it does not then we are not part of the Kingdom, something else is living in us. But as we live our lives for Jesus Christ, we experience God working through us daily to lead others into His Kingdom.

Friend, it is not until you climb a podium before you can lead men to Christ, but on a daily basis, our lives: how we live, what we say and how we act must bring men in. Tough? No! To do this effectively, we must return to Him daily for instructions. You might say why or it is cumbersome. If you are subject to an authority you cannot do anything without having authorization from that authority, so it is with the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, by the same actions and speech we can shut the doors of the Kingdom of God to others.

Are we willing to submit to His leadership over our lives and then allow others do same? Or do we think we can get in anyway, on our own terms, just as long as we make 'some' changes and 'give' Him some control? When a man comes to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the Kingdom of God becomes a reality in his life. From that significant moment forward, the believer must continue to allow the Lord Jesus Christ complete rule and reign over his life.

Unfortunately, the god of this world is making endless and tireless efforts to make us ineffective for the Kingdom of God by weighing us down with unfavorable 'today' circumstances, getting into ungodly associations, pursuance of 'seemingly' urgent issues, getting very busy over so many mundane things, thus neglecting the most important thing in life - THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN US! Remember He said we must seek first His Kingdom, His way of doing things and living right life before Him daily. This we must consciously do. Without us knowing, God is using this seemingly everyday actions of us to people His Kingdom. Allow Him by submitting totally to Him!


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