Praising All Your Issues Into Existence!

Matthew 7:7-11, tells us not to be weary in seeking the face of the Lord concerning whatever issues we may be facing. We must ask and keep asking, but not in gloom, grumbling and rebellion. In Matthew 6:33, the Lord tells us to seek His Kingdom first and all other things will be added to us.  The Bible equally tells us in Romans 14:17 that the Kingdom of God is not in eating and drinking but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Unfortunately a lot of people live one day to the other, not because of the money they will make or obligations they have to fulfill but because of the weddings, naming ceremonies or programs they have planned which is their source of joy. The issues of life have so weighed so many down that the only way they can make sense of it all is to live immoral lives. The ones that stop to think, pray concerning so many issues but when they do not get answers from the Lord, they murmur, grumble and rebel in their hearts. 

There is an antidote to this my friend, when we praise our Lord Jesus Christ, we open ourselves up to the Lord to speak to us concerning His purpose and will for our lives and the issues we are seeking His Face for. The fact that we are yet to receive what we have asked of the Lord does not mean the Lord said 'No'. If we allow the enemy to beat us down with this, we end up bogged down with grumbling, complaining, murmuring and eventually rebelling against the Lord. Job said in Job 13:15-16, even if the Lord kills Him, he will yet hope in Him because this will result in his deliverance. What are you facing right now that has weighed you down and you are losing hope, such that the only solace you have is in temporal things of the world? Friend, all the Lord needs from us is for us to go on praising Him. Praising all the issues into existence! In other words seeking God's Kingdom first and His blessings will be released upon us.

Not just praising when we feel good or at particular occasions but praising whether we see results coming or not - Psalm 149. Thus, living a life of praise. This activates our blessings, releasing the marvelous light of God which brings joy, rejoicing to those who believe and condemnation to those who do not. When you start praising according to Psalm 68:1, Heaven reacts and starts moving in your favor. Psalm 22:3 tells us that He dwells in our praises. Friend, that is where you will find Him, not in gloom, 'pity me prayers', murmuring, grumbling and condemnation. The blessings and miracles you are looking for, praise will bring them in!


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