Singles - Keeping The Marriage Bed Pure 2

It is very important that we keep our marriage beds pure in order to live fulfilled lives and be who God has created us to be. Once a person is in the wrong marriage or relationship, it is very difficult for such a person to fulfill the reason why he was created. Instead of the door of Heaven to be opened in that home or relationship, the door of hell is opened. That is why in such homes and relationships it is common place to see bitterness, rage, anger, envy, strife, depression, oppression, infidelity, rebellion, verbal or physical abuse, competition, unruliness and the likes. For our marriage beds to be undefiled, there is a need to focus our minds on Christ according to Romans 12:2. We must continually feed our minds with God's Word: His goodness and His way of doing things. Whatever you feed your mind with is the basis for your actions. When you feed it with trash, check out your actions and relationship with others! The Bible says as a man thinks so he is, thus, we must guard what goes into our hearts and the thoughts that occupy our minds.

God expects you to guard, keep and cultivate the Word He gives you on a daily basis. If you do not do this then there is something else you are guarding, keeping and cultivating, because man had been engineered to carry out this mandate from the very beginning. Not to guard, cultivate or tend is against the very nature of man. The Bible then tells us in Songs of Solomon 4:12-16, the Beloved (Spouse, Fiance) is like a well loved Garden. A well cultivated Garden! Stop awhile and ponder on these questions: How have you been treating the Garden in your care? Are you destroying it? Are you improving it? What demands are you laying on the Garden? Do you not know that if you break the fences of a well cultivated Garden, wild beasts will come in and destroy it? If you have fallen short on any of these, then seek His face to right the issues. It does not matter whether you are married or engaged, make peace with the Lord Jesus Christ so as not to lie on thorns. If you refuse especially if you are yet to be married, remember this: whatever you take to the altar is what you will leave the altar with because the man or woman cannot be transformed there. He or she must have been transformed before the day of joining. If not, if you join yourself to a prostitute or a vagabond, you are one with such. Get your head out of the clouds of unreality and face the enemy head on to take out every weed from your marriage bed!


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