Trumpets Of God

Can you cast your minds back to when you first received the loving call of God, the fire with which you responded and how you ran the race despite the opposition that was mounted against you? You loved Him so much that according to Hebrews 10:32-34, you were ready to suffer for Him and you did, severally. The question God is asking you is where did the fervency go? The fire that used to burn inside of you is suddenly replaced with coldness – what could have transpired? When you first believed like the children of Israel you did nothing outside the commands of God. Let us look at the Scriptures. In Numbers 9:15-10:10, we were told that the children of Israel did not move an inch unless the Lord commanded them to do so. It also tells us that the Cloud’s rising and setting were the signals the Lord gave them including His requirements through Moses to camp or break camp. By chapter 10, we saw the Lord telling Moses to make two silver trumpets to call the congregation for meetings, for breaking camp and for war. The Lord is raising us according to 1Peter 2:9 to be His trumpets; trumpets that will be used of the Lord to direct the children of God as to the heart desires of the Father. He is raising an army that will make bold to sound God’s warnings and bring His mind to bear on the issues confronting the Body of Christ in particular and the world in general.  We have been sent to the Nations to make disciples and prepare men perfect and ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. Without this preparation no man can make it. Look at the trumpets, before they can be sounded, they are first made out of beaten silver, fired into shape removing the dross round smooth edges of sin and flesh; thus the sound they would bring out would be loud, clear and not muffled.

That was why in Colossians 1:28 the Lord admonishes us to go forth and prepare all men perfect, teaching them to observe all that the Lord has commanded us to say to them. To do this, we must be willing to obey the commands ourselves. Must have been beaten and fired into shape by the Word of God. Strangely, however, so many went out with this mandate but along the line threw out the vision and commands of God. They forgot that they are the Trumpets of the Most High God. They lost sight of the vision and commands they once obeyed that got them to the point they are. So many unfortunately, after a seemingly bout of victory threw out the visions and commands thinking they had become obsolete. This is not strange, Samson did the same in Judges 15:15-20, he slew 1000 Philistines with the jaw bone of a donkey. The amazing thing about this account is that as soon as he got his victory he threw the jawbone away. After awhile, he got really thirsty. Friend, after every bout of victory, the enemy goes back to regroup. It came back in the form of thirst for Samson. He was going to die of thirst, a man that single handedly slew 1000 men! Thank God he knew what to do. The Bible says he cried to God that he was thirsty. The Lord answered immediately by splitting open a rock at Lehi, the same spot he threw the jaw bone and he drank. The word and vision the Lord gave us that helped us to victory, we threw away only to cry when the enemy came charging back. The water of life that will quench the thirst and the rage of the enemy is found only in the word of Life. Rise up pick up the vision and commands of God and blow for that is what you have been created for, then you will see your spirit man revived!


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