Time To Dethrone Athaliah

Did you know that Judah had a Queen that ruled her for six years before she was dethroned? This discourse is not whether it was wrong for her to rule because of her gender but rather the manner with which she took the Throne and how she was dethroned. In our physical and spiritual lives as children of the Most High God, some things come in violently to take the lordship of our hearts and we are unable to unseat them no matter how hard we try! So many children of God are increasingly rendered impotent to the things of God and are killed spiritually by the arrows from the kingdom of darkness: we will find these arrows in Galatians 5:19-21 and 2 Timothy 3:1-8. Have you never wondered why when you attend great meetings where you had great encounters with God, only to go back to your old habits after awhile? It becomes a great struggle to sustain the euphoria of these great encounters! This lethargy is not to be taken for granted or swept away to be dealt with later. You have prayed and fasted: you may rationalize since so many are going through same; it may just be your lot to go through this. This is simply not true. Friend, it is a spirit that is at work and must be dealt with accordingly so as not to miss the blessings and pleasure in serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The devil grows fiercer against a man that gets born again and takes a decision to follow the Master. 1Peter 1:22-23 gives a clear picture of how our souls are purified by obeying the truth. But by chapter 2:1-2 of the same book, we are warned to lay aside every nature of darkness and to crave the sincere milk of God’s Word! This simply means it is a conscious effort on our part. Don’t get smug in your position as a child of God that you are caught unawares by the wiles and tricks of darkness. All that was mentioned in verse 1 are all arrows and demons sent by hell targeting unsuspecting and distracted sons of the Kingdom to kill them spiritually and if possible, physically as well. 
Concerning the earlier mentioned Queen named Athaliah, 2Kings 11:1-21 gives account of how she ruled Judah for six years. When the King (her son) died, she proceeded and succeeded in killing all heirs to the Throne including her grandsons except for one that was hidden by his aunt in the Temple of God. The spirit of Athaliah is still very much around and seeks to usurp the lordship of Christ in our hearts if allowed. What is this spirit? This spirit embodies the principles of the flesh and the world: its way of viewing and doing things. The spirit of Athaliah has succeeded in killing so many children of God and is ruling in the hearts of such: with such, they seek to serve God but are plagued and ruled by flesh and lust for the world and all that it has to offer. When a man says he is born again but lives life according to the principles of the world, then Athaliah is the one seated on the throne of his heart. This spirit comes in violently and it can only be overthrown violently as well. 
The Bible recorded that in the seventh year, the Priest Jehoiada summoned the Priests and the commanders of the army to the Temple of God. He showed them the rightful king and told them what they would have to do to dethrone the evil Queen. Verse 10 tells us that he gave them the weapons of David that were kept in the Temple. Question: Is it that they did not have weapons of their own? Jehoiada knew they were going against a formidable enemy and the ordinary weapons they wielded cannot defeat her except weapons that are found in the Presence of God. Friend, Jehoiada understood that things kept in the Presence of God are powerful and mighty, however, used only in God’s timing and he knew it was time! Friend, these weapons never grow old because they are in the Presence of the Ageless One: where no technology, moth or rust can get to. If you read the account very well, you would notice that the weapons were not primed for use they were ready to be used! The Bible tells us in 2Peter 1:3 that all we need to live a life of godliness has been given to us by the Divine Power of God. Thus, the gifts God deposited inside of you, where did you keep them? Can the next generation benefit from it or are you wasting it? The gifting of God inside of you must be kept in His Presence and be used as directed by Him. Friend, they become powerful weapons carrying the breath and power of God. Equally, there are some principles, ideas and doctrines that we have held on to and God is saying it is time to drop them so we could receive oven fresh revelations from the heart of God. They may have worked in the past but are no longer relevant and cannot dethrone Athaliah. A man that remains in the Presence of God receives instructions and as he carries them out, returns with outstanding results. 2Kings 11: 4a tells us that it was in the seventh year the Queen was dethroned. Seventh year is the year of perfection, Friend, judgment has come upon Athaliah. The time for her dethronement has come. Stand up and send her packing by turning away from the principles of the world and presently and consciously FOLLOWING AFTER THE MASTER. The Grace and Power to do this is released to you in Jesus Christ Name.


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