Walking Contradictions!

You serve the Lord, there’s no question about that! But do you truly believe the things you have come to know about Him? Is there a conflict within you with what you have heard or learned about Him? However, so you would not be labeled an unbeliever you pretend to believe? There are so many contradictory children of God: they act one way outwardly but inside of them they do not believe what they are saying or doing! The Lord calls them false prophets on the outside but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Why? Because they are walking contradictions! The Bible talked about a king of Judah called Josiah who started His rule at the age of seven in 2 Chronicles 24. The Bible recorded in verse 2 of that chapter: “throughout the time of Jehoida the Priest, Joash did what was right in the Lord’s sight.” As long as the Priest lived, king Joash followed the Lord, but at the demise of the Priest, he fell away so fast that he did not only plunge the kingdom into apostasy but equally killed the son of the Priest that had done him so much good. This proved that king Joash’s service to the Lord was actually ‘eye service’. Are you following because there is a Priest over you, surrounded by people of God or the expectations of the godly people around you? Friend you cannot afford to pay eye or lip services to the Lord. Revelation 3:1-6 talks about a church that has a reputation of being alive but they were actually dead to the things of God on the inside. They thought they were strong, but because of this contradictory lifestyle, Heaven saw them as weak and comatose! What exactly is your identity at your place of work, home, school or neighborhood? Is it that when you are around the people of God, you have a reputation of being a child of God and once you get into your ‘element’ the man on the inside surfaces? Do you not know that as we serve Him, the motives of our hearts are being weighed vis-a-viz our service to Him? During the lifetime of Jehoida the Priest, Josiah was indeed dead to the things of God but had a reputation of being alive, as a result, when the prop that kept his façade in place was removed, the true man within was revealed. Psalm 51:6a tells us that the Lord desires integrity and truth in our inner self: “What you’re after is truth from the inside out...” That is, the man within must be sincere and truthful. If the man portrays a totally different man on the outside whilst he is someone else on the inside, he is a hypocrite, a walking contradiction! It is a matter of time, the true man (which is on the inside) will be revealed. Who we truly are is actually the man within! A day will come when all masks (pretences) will be taken away to reveal the inner man: the real man! Do you truly believe in the Lord? Does the man on the inside believe things that are contrary to the man on the outside? Are you an unbeliever within and a believer without? Do not be like king Josiah that behaved well when “the eye” of God was on him. Once he was out from under “the eye” the true man on the inside came out. Friend, enough of the pretenses, let the man on the outside be the true reflection of who you truly are on the inside. Do answer the questions sincerely and ask the Lord for grace to truly follow Him. God bless you as you do this!


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