Business As Usual…? Part 2

I can imagine what would have crossed the minds of the people that lived in the days of Noah when he went about preaching that they should turn from their evil ways. Some of them would have looked at their achievements and the advancement the world was making in technology and comfortable living. They would have been curious as to what ‘madness’ would have possessed Noah to be saying a flood was coming. ‘The skies were blue, the land was green, prosperity everywhere, why would God that had blessed the land and the skies would want to destroy the inhabitants. After all, these things He created for the enjoyment of people!’ Friend, same message is what God is giving us His sons at this time to preach; of course people are equally thinking the way the people then thought. Some may argue that the Church is advancing so much that membership in some congregations is numbered in millions and some tens of thousands. In fact, the message of Christ is being preached in far flung areas that were once inaccessible because technology had opened up these areas. So many thousands are added to the Kingdom of God daily through these messages. We are equally witnessing unprecedented number of healing and casting out of demons in areas that were actually known enemies of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 4: 23,25). This is great and great news especially in times when wickedness is on the increase.
However, as sons of the Kingdom, the question that should preoccupy our hearts now is not the number that are taking decision to become born again, but the actual number that are following through in lifestyles that prepare them for an eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ. God is unequivocal when He said without holiness no one will see His Face. Thus, Jesus Christ is calling every person to a continuous union with Him; it is only at that point that such will be completely separate from the world and be prepared for eternity with Him. As much as it is great to see great numbers come to Christ, the onus is on every child of God, like Noah, to make sure that these are actually discipled and prepared for eternity with Him. Our mandate is: “We proclaim Him, warning and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28) and “…to present a pure virgin to Christ” (2Corinthians 11:2b). Therefore, roll up your sleeves and get off your seat and like Noah preach the message of righteousness to a dark and dying world that is equally waiting for you to! Friend, time is truly not on our side and we cannot approach the Kingdom’s business with an attitude of ‘business as usual’! God bless you as you respond in Jesus Christ name!


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