Whose Instruction?

One weapon that the enemy uses to paralyze our relationship with God is the fear and uncertainty of the unknown plus a distrust of His timings and ways. You might disagree or wonder how this can be. Several times we have received instructions from God and are equally willing to carry them out but when the instructions are tested, we falter. This happens because we assume that since it is God that gave the instructions, nothing should hinder us; in fact, the whole universe should be on stand still as we fulfill the said instructions. Sadly, this is simply not the case! Unfortunately, at this point so many lose faith, become hesitant and unsure of who they are in Christ. Friend, when we look through Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, we find that every person that God gave an instruction faced one challenge or the other on the road to carrying out the instructions. The victory is not in getting the instruction but the fulfillment of the instruction. Therein lays the victory. In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus Christ gave His disciples instructions to cross with Him to the other side of the Lake. The Bible says they got into the boat with Him, but do take note that there were several boats on the shore but He got into one. As they set out in the boat on the Lake in obedience to His instruction, mighty winds rose and beat ferociously against the boat that the boat was about to capsize. We were told that Jesus was in the boat sleeping peacefully unperturbed. Just like many of us would do in such dire situation, the disciples in an accusing tone called out to the Master asking if He didn’t care that they drowned after all He gave the instruction. He got up and rebuked the winds and equally rebuked the disciples for their unbelief and for being fearful.
Lets back up a bit, please note that on that day there were many boats (instructions) but He only gave one instruction (boat) which is the one He got into. It then follows that only the instructions Jesus Christ gives will He be in. No wonder marriages, relationships, ambitions, business partnerships and the likes that were not instructed by the Lord are failing. Please note that all instructions no matter who gave them will be tested by the winds and only the ones given by the Lord will get to its safe haven. Remember, from the account many boats were with Him but He was in only one. The instruction you are carrying out now is it in conjunction with Christ or He is the One that gave the instruction in the first place? So many gave instructions to themselves, some other people gave them the instructions and they desire Christ to walk with them in their quest to fulfilling it. The true test of the validity of the instructions will come when it faces the winds of opposition. If it is God that gave the instruction, call upon Him and He will still the storms, if it is not Him, repent of it and return to His feet to get the proper instruction. If He gives it, He will watch over it to make sure you do not fail in carrying it out. He is the Lord of the storms and He has promised never to leave you nor abandon you. Friend, take Him up on His promise! God bless you.


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