Regular Companions

           Moses got to a point in his walk with God that he desired to know more of God and not so much about entering the Promised Land. This is the ultimate desire. You can imagine as a parent how you would feel if your child tells you she does not need anything from you only to be allowed to remain in your company continually. That is truly what God wants us to desire of Him: That we would be in constant relationship with Him. In Mark 3:15, the primary reason why Jesus chose His Disciples was for them to be His regular companions. This heart yearning of the Lord for us has not changed. Unfortunately, our relationship with Him is constantly under some form of threat from diverse distractions. Despite all the distractions, if we desire this close relationship with Him, it is possible. We see examples in Scriptures of people that desired this relationship with the Master, God declared that the world was not worthy of them, they looked forward to a city whose Architect and Builder was God – Hebrews 11. Reading the whole of that chapter calls to mind a picture of men and women that did not allow worldly pleasures wealth and concerns for their flesh distract or affect their relationship with their God. One question that readily pops to mind is, considering the extent of distractions in our present age, how would a person sustain such a relationship with God? 
         In 1Kings 8:1-11 a glorious thing happened concerning this issue, the Bible records that the Temple King Solomon built was filled with God's glory to the extent that the priests, men that by God's design were to minister before him could not perform their service to Him. When the glory of God descends, flesh cannot perform in His Presence. God specifically declared in Leviticus 10:3a “And Moses said to Aaron, ‘This is what the Lord spoke, saying: ‘By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; and before all the people I must be glorified’ …’”. We must always bear in mind that we cannot approach Him with our own laid out routine or determine how He reveals Himself to us. It therefore means that the only way we can continually experience and be carriers of His glory is to revere Him daily and in everything we do. Unfortunately, most times we have wonderful times in His presence maybe in worship or prayers, then we retreat from Him into our ‘own’ lives. This is not the desire of God for us. His desire is that we will not only come into His presence but we will continue to dwell therein. Friend, this invitation is open and we do not need any person to usher us in. The Bible tells us that He is not far from us so if we sincerely desire to be with Him He will make it happen. Moses had this desire and God granted his request. The reason why so many cringe from His Presence is that no flesh will see Him and live. As we dwell in His glory, all semblance of flesh melts away and nothing matters but Him. Desire this and your walk with the Lord will be filled with eye popping testimonies just as Moses’, Joshua’s, David’s, Stephen’s and Paul’s were. God bless you!


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