God’s Possessions! – Part 1

Congratulations and welcome to the New Year. Before we go rushing off with our well laid plans for the year, lets pause and consider some basic things about who we are in Christ Jesus. It is true that there is abundance, promotion, fruitfulness and increase in the year for as many as will trust the Lord but that is not the only intention of God for bringing you into the New Year. God desires much more from us and the truth is we were actually created for much more. We cannot attain what He wants from us if we do not know who we truly are in Him. If all His sacrifice on the cross was just to give us the ‘good things’ of life then His sacrifice was not complete. He actually came to earth, lived, died and rose again to restore us to the original intention of God. Exodus 19:4-6 declares to us that God brought us out of Egypt (saved us) by His mighty Hand to be His possession out of all the peoples of the earth even though the whole earth belongs to Him. This means if we are to be His possession or as it was rendered in 1Peter 2:9 – a people belonging to Him, then it means that there is a pattern we must live thereafter. Looking at the word ‘possession’, it literally means to have or own something. We as God’s possessions simply mean we are owned by Him. A possessed being no longer has its will and carry on as it used to before the possession. A possessed state (for humans) is a state of surrender of one’s identity to a will that is greater and stronger than his/hers. The word is a powerful one that is not used lightly and not to be trifled with because of our sense of individuality and freedom. This is just the problem! Whether we agree to be a possession of God or not, if we claim to have given our lives to Jesus Christ, we are supposed to have given up our past identities and wills; then we are His possession to be treated and handled as He pleases. Please remember that mankind was created and exists for His pleasure and not the other way round. If we believe our existence is to just live good lives on the face of the earth then we are locked out on a lot of blessings that should freely have flowed to us.
We didn’t choose God, He chose us. If you disagree with this statement, have you ever considered that the message you heard that turned your heart and life around, countless number of others heard same and didn’t make a meaning to them? You may argue that it was the state of your heart. Good, but God is the one that allowed the seed of the message you heard to grow in you. Of course you have a role to play to retain the Word in you. Jesus Christ saw this cocky thought in the hearts of the Jews when they claimed to be Abraham’s seed thus, they believed they cannot go wrong and are special to God no matter what they do. He showed them the error in this thought when He told them that “No one is able to come to me unless the Father who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives the desire to come to Me, and [then] I will raise him up [from the dead] on the last day” (John 6:44, AMP). Friend, pause awhile before rushing off with those raging ambitions and ask Him what He has planned for you this year and how to go about them. Friend, it is not about you; if you are truly born again then you are a possession of God for Him to showcase His might, power and splendor through. God bless you.


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