Raise Your Hand To God

A delusion that had run amok amongst children of God unrestrained in recent times is the point that once one becomes a child of God, all troubles cease and one lives in a perpetual state of victory regardless of one’s state of heart! They go further to teach and believe that drawing attention to these troubles or weaknesses strengthens the enemy’s camp. This teaching has ill-prepared countless number of precious saints of God on how to face the daily challenges that come their way. They would rather be silent about it so as not to be seen as ‘unbelievers’ or people with little faith and strength. A precious child of God once had an accident, and someone in his church remarked that the accident came because the child of God had backslidden. Needless to say the victim was heartbroken and wondered if he was truly serving the real God. In such circles where such messages are taught and believed, personal challenges and calamities are seen as markers to show the spiritual depth of the victims. The most hilarious and ridiculous part is that when such calamities befall one of the ‘great’ men of God they are explained away as lies and works of their detractors. God never promised us a problem free life, but He promised to be with us every step of the way so that we will not be overwhelmed or swept away by them. What should preoccupy our minds is how to access this promise on a daily basis. Friends, it is time to get our heads out of the sands of delusion and deceit and face the reality in Christ Jesus. God has called us to live victorious lives as defined by Him not based on our sense of what victory should be.
When the children of Israel left Egypt, one would have expected God to take them through routes that would be problem and enemy free. Alas, that was not the case. God used their experiences to teach them and us valuable lessons about His kingdom and the world we live in. One such lesson was the relentless attacks of the Amalekites. It is curious to note that every defeat of the Israelites at the hands of the Amalek was when Israel presumed to go against them without God. Today, the kingdom of darkness is Amalek, especially when you compare their ammo. We cannot claim to be children of light while we engage in the fruitless deeds of darkness and expect to be victorious over Amalek! We even go as far as teaching and believing that no matter how we live, once we live a life of praises and thanksgiving, everything will go smoothly for us despite the state of our hearts. This is simply not true! No matter how much we sing the praises of God in a sinful state, those praises amount to noise in the ears of God (Ezekiel 26:13) and we know that sin puts a terrible chasm between us and God. Friend, to live in perpetual victory over the enemy of our soul is not just mouthing praises to God but our lives must be one that exemplifies His Word. Lifting our lives to Him on a daily basis, we are assured of deliverance and victory in every facet of our lives: “He said, ‘Indeed my hand is lifted up towards the Lord’s throne. The Lord will be at war with Amalek from generation to generation’” (Exodus 17:16). Have you not read that the wicked runs with no one pursuing? They will continually run from a life that is lifted to God. When we continually lift up the Hand of God by living a life that brings praise to Him, God will honor His word by lifting us up against everything and anything that wants to bring us down. Therefore, don’t let us be thoughtless, foolish and presuming; we must learn and understand what God’s will is for ourselves and operate in it (Ephesians 5:15-17). God bless you.


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