Pray Tell, What Platform Are You Operating From?

There is a popular saying that goes thus: “When in Rome you behave like the Romans”. So many have taken this statement to mean to partake in whatever situation one finds himself in order to achieve a particular goal. A friend once challenged me on this issue as he felt it is not only a powerful saying (undeniably) but it has biblical backing in his opinion. According to him, Paul said he became all things to all men in order to win them to Christ. Thus, to him it is judgmental of anyone to judge another on this. According to him, we can and should go to all lengths to win as many to Christ on this platform. His argument that day, was quite powerful and convincing because it had a semblance of truth in it. This is what actually got me uncomfortable! Let’s look at the Scripture my friend supposedly quoted from: “For although I am free from all people, I have made myself a slave to all, in order to win more people…To the weak I became weak, in order to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that I may try by all means save some” (1Corinthians 9:19, 22 - please read the whole verses for better understanding). Paul reiterated that he desired to receive the full benefits of preaching the gospel, thus he became everything to the people in order to lead as many as he can to the Lord. However, he did not go outside of God’s word and precepts to do this neither did he walk in deliberate disobedience. Friend, the above statement is the clincher; Paul did not disobey, contradict or nullify God’s word in his quest to win souls for the Kingdom; thus, when we behave like the ‘Romans’ we will certainly nullify, contradict and disobey God’s word! The converts won through such means are just accidents waiting to happen because they are yet to come in contact with Truth Himself!
In our quest to live lives that will get us approved at our places of work, schools, families, friends and neighborhoods, some have crossed the line and became hypocrites. Friend, God has not lost His power to convict the heart of a man/woman, nor does He need subterfuge to fill His Kingdom with souls. Even as we must love all as He did and gave His life, we did not see Him engage in immorality, lies, coarse jesting and talks, indecency and the likes. He sat amongst sinners and His Presence, Purity, Love and Grace rubbed off on the people present. Friend, you have sat for so long amongst the ‘Romans’, how much of the God you carry within you have rubbed off on them? Zaccheaus repented when He came in contact with Him even Matthew, Mary, the woman by the well all became His disciples at the contact. If our platform from which to impact the world is ‘Roman’, it will only yield people that are twice candidates of hell. We must operate from the platform of God’s Truth and Love. Peter in Galatians 2, fell into this trap and he led many in the terrible hypocrisy (Galatians 2:11-21). The grace to stand and remain in God’s Truth and Love no matter the audience is released to us in Jesus Christ name. Always remember, if your right living does not yield support, there are some unknown that are watching and cheering you on (Hebrews 12:1-2). God bless you.


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