The Trouble Doesn’t Have To Remain

       ‘I have been battling this problem for a long time,’ a lady remarked to me the other day. ‘I believe something is fundamentally wrong with me,’ she continued. ‘It is either my forbears had committed a grave and heinous sin or there is a terrible curse on me,’ she concluded. I asked her if she had sought the face of the Lord Jesus Christ concerning the issues and what was the Lord’s response. She replied she had prayed fasted, done vigils and done numerous deliverances; nothing seemed to work. As a result, she is increasingly getting disillusioned, depressed and walks under the cloud that God hates her. The Scripture that came to my spirit as we spoke was John 9:1-7. According to the account, there was a 40year old man that had been born blind. The disciples wanted to know if his blindness was as a result of sin in his life or in the life of his parents. Jesus replied neither of them had sinned, but: “This came about, so that God’s works might be displayed in him” (John 9:3b). He elaborated further: “We must do the works of Him who sent Me while it is day. Night is coming when no one can work” (John 9:4). He then proceeded to heal the man. Friend, there are troubles that come our way not because a sin was committed: “For distress does not grow out of the soil, and trouble does not sprout from the ground. But mankind is born for trouble as surely as sparks fly upward” (Job 5:6-7). No wonder God is still in the business of making, remaking, shaping and molding; doing it all over again if need be!  If it were not so, He would not have told us to ask, seek or knock. 
      As a child of God, He allows the trouble to come (please note that if God does not permit the trouble it will not come near you), in order for Him to display His powers in you, at the same time, a harvest of righteousness will be evidenced in your life! Friend, don’t see the trouble you are in now as the end even if it seems a resolution look so far away or impossible, because it is not the end. Even if now, you have seen that it was by no fault of yours or anyone else’ that the trouble came, turn to the Master in total faith believing that He is able to get you out of it just as Hannah did. In the account of the 40 year old blind man, despite the fact that he was a bold man (as we saw when he confronted the Pharisees), he submitted to the instructions of Christ when he was told to go and wash. He didn’t protest, get bitter and resentful of his state; rather, he was open to the workings of God in his life. Friend, let this situation that looks so formidable be the beginning of God’s acts in your life if only you will surrender totally to Him in your thoughts, action and speech. This frame of mind will help you pray better devoid of anger, depression and the likes. If you remember, the account in John 9, Christ did not first say to the man “your sins are forgiven” as He did to many others, before healing him. But to prove to the world that He is the Creator and Sustainer of life, He healed the man. Per adventure, your trouble is as a result of sin that is equally no problem for the Lord Jesus. Go to Him, ask Him for forgiveness. He will indeed forgive you because He had declared: “Everyone the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me, I will never cast out (John 6:37). It is the pleasure of God Almighty to heal and save you from the trouble. After all, you are the work of His hands and He will NEVER abandon you. God bless you.


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