Finding True Love

       From the beginning of time God Almighty has sought various means of communicating His thoughts and desires to His creation, humans. Through the very things He has created around us, He clearly reveals His divine nature and our predestined purposes as the object of His love to those who care enough to pay attention.  His goal has always been to set men free from all that limits them from experiencing an abundant life. There is no doubt that the present life as we know it, with all its hurts, pains and heart break was never meant to be this way; indeed the enemy has done this. Friends if He created the earth with hidden and precious treasures, then how much more you? The enemy on the other hand has worked overtime to create things that bind, blind, limit and ultimately stop us from fulfilling our God-giving destinies. His most successful strategies are those which are subtle and appeal to our fleshly desires, just as it was in the Garden of Eden at the fall of man. Down through the ages, the devil has succeeded in marketing his lies by twisting and tweaking the realities of present events and even history to serve his purpose. This has resulted in a loveless and powerless humanity. 
     Anyone who has taken time to inquire about the roots of the feast called St. Valentine’s celebration, will clearly see the twist in its real origin, which is rooted in idolatry and the famous Baal worship in the Bible. The lie has been empowered through so much commercialization and its endorsement by the main stream Church. We seem to forget that no one is immune to error. If God had not stopped Samuel, he would have fallen into the error of endorsing the wrong person as king of Israel instead of David. Friends, the fact that sometime in history a sector of the Church endorsed this celebration does not necessarily change a bad tree into a good one. A tree would always bear fruits that are consistent with its true nature. 
      In the temptation of Jesus Christ in Luke 4, one of the devil’s goals was to get Jesus to worship him. He knows the mystery hidden in worship and up till this very day he still desires it directly or indirectly. But how did Jesus win the victory? Firstly He had a firm knowledge of God through Scriptures; everything He heard and saw around Him was weighed by the truth of Scriptures. Secondly He had a deep love for God that no one could put a price tag on. This leads me to ask, have you taken your time to weigh the traditions of the world and this so called tradition of the church in the light of God’s word or do you just go with the flow? Jesus said “greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend”. I John 3: 1 saysSee what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The love advocated by the feast of Valentine on the other hand uses the cupid as its major symbol. Cupid in mythology is simply the god of desire, attraction and erotic love. But the “Love of God” as revealed in scriptures points to the cross. As seen in both quotes above; true love empowers, it delivers a man’s soul from sin and its effects; it equally gives lasting and indescribable joy. 
      David describing his experience during worship saysin His presence is fullness of joy, at His right hand are pleasures forever more”. Are you thirsty to experience true love, then turn your gaze away from this ungodly celebration and its likes, focus on the Cross where the greatest demonstration of love was clearly displayed. Begin to spend quality time in God’s word and in true worship. Celebrate His sacrifice every single day! Learn to walk in love yourself and leave a legacy to those coming behind you. Then watch how God pours out His love more and more into your heart. Like David you simply would have no words to describe your experiences with Him. God bless you. 


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