It’s Not About Being Good But Being Godly!

      Saul’s father sent him to go find his lost donkeys that had wondered off, this was before he became the king of Israel. Saul and his attendant searched for a long time in different regions and could not locate them until they came to the land of Zuph. At that point, Saul fearing his father would have become worried for their safety suggested they return home but his attendant replied: “Look,…there’s a man of God in this city who is highly respected; everything he says is sure to come true…” (1Samuel 9:6a). This man of God, whom we later discovered to be Samuel, was well respected because he was godly and a man of integrity. Being godly meant he carried God in all that he did! He didn’t just mouth God’s word, he lived it! One may argue that it would be easy to live such lives in that period because things were relatively simple. I’m sure the people of that era will disagree. Throughout history, we find that people that live in any era are equipped and well suited to live in that era. They have a sense of right and wrong, good and godly and they equally have the opportunity to live either of the lives they chose. The sons of Eli were priests and they lived in the same era. They were ungodly despite the fact that they were priests; they lacked respect and integrity towards the things of God. 
      In our present era, things are moving fast and the days are truly shorter as we approach the coming of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, as these things unfold, more people are becoming accustomed to superficial lifestyles that do not denote who they really are. A superficial world that is overly preoccupied of being seen and glamorized as ‘good’ or in the current parlance, “politically correct”. That is why a person that stands against evil and calls it out is seen as having a form of ‘phobia’! This lifestyle is given glamorous names since it pushes the agenda of ‘self’. It is no longer strange to hear messages from pulpits that push the people towards ‘self’ aggrandizement rather than towards the principles of God, which would make the people godly. The word ‘godly’ is slowly being replaced by the word ‘good’ and many are none the wiser. People that are clearly and boldly pushing the agenda of the devil are seen as ‘good’! Coming back to the Church, it’s sad to see someone preach, serve and worship the Lord Jesus Christ on Sunday, but during the week such uses the yardstick of the world to solve day to day problems. It’s as if a new gospel had been written that give the people the freedom to live their lives as they see fit with no accountability whatsoever. In the days of Saul and Samuel there were no forms of technology for mass media as we have today, but the fame of Samuel had grown beyond his region to other regions as a God-fearing man (another word for godly). True, he was a gifted Seer or Prophet, a great orator, conflict manager and many more; he could have chosen like many in his time to use these gifts to line his pockets. At best he would have been seen as a ‘good’ man as we would consider Eli, who was his discipler! On the contrary, he was seen as a man that carried God in all he did! 
      Friend, the skills, talents and gifts that you have as a child of God, how has it benefited the Kingdom of God! In your process of trying to be ‘good’ so as to embrace everyone, you have downplayed the principles of God for a worldlier and satanic principle that ‘everyone’ will embrace; thus making you look and feel ‘good’! If people were to describe you now, what would they say? Would they say you were a good person or a godly person? Please, understand being religious is NOT the same as being GODLY! You that claim to be godly, but out of you flow rivers of evil and good: This is not of God! We have been called to godliness and to produce after our kind: “As obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance but as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct; for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy (1Peter 1:14-15). Finally, may the Lord flood your heart with His light so you may know what His call to live this life truly is in Jesus Christ name (Ephesians 1:17-19). God bless you. 


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