Created By His Word

Do not be troubled no matter the storms you are facing because the only thing that storms and people respond to is the word of God. The word of the Lord Jesus Christ are not mere words, they have life and they give life! The word of the Lord is what holds the world, keep it in position and will destroy it at the end of the age. So many speak the word of God but do not believe neither do they obey it; likewise, so many believe that their Redeemer lives but they do not trust Him. They look for alternative means of deliverance. Every word spoken by God or man goes out as a seed and it must do what it has been sent to do. This calls for caution concerning what we speak. The Bible tells us that God is the word in John 1:14; the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us (Jesus Christ). Everything took its existence by the word (Colossians 1:16-17). The spoken word is powerful, God made it so. That is why when a man is cursed it remains. The word that was said 20 years ago in some families is what is tearing them apart till date. The Lord had commanded from the beginning that every word should come to pass. But as a child of God, He does not allow a causeless curse rest on us. What can move a man forward or backward from his position is the word.  Once the word of God is released, what makes it effective in our lives is obedience. So many believers do not know the Lord anymore because of their pain, frustrations, loss, anger and disappointments. So many remember the curses of the past, nurse it by fearing it (by so doing they are obeying the enemy) the curses remain. It is not that the word of the enemy is powerful, but by fearing it, you submitted to it, so it becomes effective in the person's life! If you are in such a situation, do not wallow in it, rather rise up in obedience and speak God’s word into the situation.

When facing a difficult situation with no head way, instead of beating yourself up, go back to the beginning: what is God saying. Note that nothing exists without the word: the situation you are in did not just come into being, it came by a spoken word! Unfortunately, people run from the presence of the Lord because the word of God they hear is too hard and is odious to them. It is a matter of time before their lives begin to stink! Friend, the only thing a person can respond to is the word of God. However, the word of God is not in Seminaries but at the feet of Christ - in HIM. Several come to meet the Lord first just as Martha and the Rich Young Ruler did. They meet the Lord but they go away without accepting the word that is able to save them. When Christ said He is the Lord, Martha recited back stories to the Master. So many are Martha Christians! Running up and down, going from one program to the other, vigils to vigils. They can even discern, have the staying power to pray for hours, even fast for days. Unfortunately, all they know is history. They refer to their forefathers that are long dead. People will rather believe in the history of men rather than the word of God. For instance, so many remain in their congregations because of the histories they had heard about the place. Thus, they cannot know if God still wants them there or not.

You were created by His word and everything responds to His word so rise up and prophecy into your lives so you could move from your present position and situation! Remember, what you declare it to be so it will. God bless you.


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