Does God Love Me?

So many children of God at one point of their lives ask this question: does God love me? If He does, why are certain things not happening the way I want them to? This question is an age long question that children of God had asked and are still asking. It is a question that distracts followers of Christ from following completely. It is the question that had driven a lot of potential generals in the Lord's Army to the camp of darkness. Have we ever sat down to ponder where exactly this question originates from? What could have propelled us to ask such a question? In Romans 5:8, the Lord proved His love for us in this manner, that while we were still sinners, He died for us. No person dies for a person he does not love. The enemy knows that if he can succeed in telling man that God does not love him, all kinds of dark thoughts will enter his heart, such a person becomes a willing tool of darkness.

There are so many reasons why a child of God can suddenly question God's love for him. Top of the list is lack of contentment. When such a person begins to compare notes with others, he falters and questions the love of God for him because he equates God’s love with the things he has or does not have. Peter was told by the Lord in John 21:20-23 to follow Him. Peter was rather concerned by another disciple, whom the Bible says Jesus loved.  The Lord told him to mind his own business and follow Him. This is the error so many still commit till this day.  Do not equate His love for you by the things you have in contrast to others. If you do not check this quickly, the demon of inferiority complex steps into such a life and makes him constantly question the love of God for him. It whispers deadly suggestions to prove that God does not love him. Such whisperings, a lot misinterpret to be the voice of the Holy Spirit, but it is not!  The fact that you are going through some stuff does not mean God does not love you. What you are going through is His way of training you, once we reject this, then we are illegitimate children. Don’t allow the enemy whisper words that negates the word of God to you any more. Silence him by declaring that God loves you and He proves it on a daily basis. The fact that you are going through some things, not withstanding, He is with you and loves you according to Isaiah 43:1-7. Jesus Christ LOVES YOU! Believe this and walk in it.


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