Let God Use You

The lyrics of a popular chorus goes: "If You can use anything, Lord use me." An awesome thought indeed. I believe the composer of the song must have been thinking about Balaam's donkey. So many have decried their positions in life wondering what they could do or not do if they were in a 'better' position. There is no child of God that is in the position that he is by mistake except such fell into sin and decided to hide away from God like Adam and the woman. Every child of God is exactly where God have placed him for some purpose (Psalm 68:6). The first thing for that person to do is to inquire for what practical purpose has God placed him where he is now. You have been wishing for another position, where you could do something for Jesus; do not wish anything of the kind but serve Him exactly where you are!

Do not think that the Lord has given you an exalted position either in the Church/Fellowship, secular industry or family so you may escape the trials which belong to the 'people that are down there'. Yours is no position of ease, but one of the hottest parts of the battle. Know that your position in Christ is to help others especially those of the family of believers. How have you helped them? We all have been called to intercede for one another, unfortunately, the Body of Christ is riddled with accusers instead of intercessors. If they are not accusing, the prayers are filled with 'me, myself and I'. Men have resorted to build empires and kingdoms round themselves and families and neglect the weightier issues. Like the Pharisees, they take out the minor and swallow the major. No wonder homes and lives are in such catastrophic states!

In Esther chapter 4, she did not sit still for the deliverance of her people to come from 'some place'. She reckoned that for her to be where she is there is a divine purpose that supercedes the physical. She did not say the Lord will sort out the problems after all they are a chosen race. Rather she pleaded with God, entered with boldness and a lot of risks into the presence of the king. Because she went in the wisdom of God she was able to act wisely on behalf of her people. How have you fought on behalf of your Organisation, schools, Church/Fellowships, Nation or even family? Once it does not concern you or 'add value' to you, it is not your business! Some say: 'I dont have money they should go and make a better use of their lives. Besides, if it is God, He should help them'. Friend, YOU are the help!!!  The reason you are finding it difficult to part with the physical help is because your heart has refused to respond.

Rise up my Brothers and Sisters!! Remember, the eyes of the Lord is going to and fro the land, looking for a man on whose behalf He will show Himself strong. His eyes have alighted on you, allow Him to use you.


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