Singles - Keeping The Marriage Bed Pure 1

So many marriages that fail today did not start failing when they were contracted. They actually started failing before they were contracted. In Hebrews 13:4, God commanded that the marriage bed must be kept pure. This command came with a warning that those that contravene it will be judged. Any one that defiles the marriage bed is seen by God as an immoral person.  So many marriage beds have been soiled by sinful liaisons that people thought did not really matter but did not know that a terrible seed had been sown into their future marital beds. This goes both ways: for the male and the female. Friend, as a single, what are you sowing into your future marital bed? You that is married, have you stopped to consider that the problem tree in your home actually had its roots in the days you were single? The sin of fornication is a terrible seed that people sow into their future beds without knowing. That one night stand, that secret lust in your heart for that person, that 'play' you are engaged in with your fiance or friend is a terrible seed you are sowing into your future bed. No wonder the Bible tells us to flee fornication, He did not tell us to bind it, you cannot, you can only run (a fast get away) from it. 

Truthfully and in reality, there are times our bodies long for someone to hold and caress us as singles. In fact it has become a tug of war with your flesh, yet you love and serve the Lord with all your heart. But you hear in your spirit, the Lord telling you to wait! The waiting is so terrible, what with those fine sisters and brothers strutting around you. Yet you hear 'wait!'. Friend, sexual purity is an incredible gift from God. Only God can hold and keep you from falling, not formulas or principles of certain writers. Remind yourself this at all times: sex is a DRIVE not a NEED! You need air, water, food, shelter, rest but sex is optional. It then follows that if you do not have sex you will NOT die. If sex is worth having, then it is worth waiting for and having the right way. 1Thessalonians 4:4 tells us to control our bodies in a way that is holy and honorable. Just because you have an urge does not mean you cannot control it. If it breaks down your defenses or controls you then you are a slave to it. Whatever controls you, you are a slave to it. Only One person is to control us and that is God!

Now they preach 'safe sex' or 'safer sex' amongst children of God. Pray tell, what exactly does that mean? These strange teachings violate the laws of God. So many think they can get away with sin by redefining what God calls sin. Sin is SIN, period. God killed Judah's son for spilling his semen. When you use condoms, you destroy generations. In one discharge of the male semen about 20-30 children are given out. When you discharge them wilfully, you become a murderer. Even as married, you need to sanctify and pray seeking the will of God before using a condom. It is another way that the enemy engineered to facilitate abortions! Do not make a shipwreck of your marriage before contracting it. If you are in it and are plagued with so many problems that you cannot seem to fathom, return back to the Master and He will show you at what point you went wrong so you could take out the root of the tree from your home.


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