The Song Of The Sheep

The Lord Jesus Christ is my Shepherd 
Because He feeds, guides and shields me.
 I belong to His pen,
those are the only ones He feeds, guide and shields.
Before He can become your Shepherd, you must belong to His sheep pen!
To belong to this pen, you must belong to His family:
having His divine seed inside of you.
I am not a bastard but a son, belonging to the commonwealth of God.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
Not willingly
But when I respond I realize that I had been truly weary and need the rest.
My Shepherd makes and creates situations 
Where He makes me lie down in safety,
Leading me beside still calm and restful waters.
He refreshes and restores me.
I didn’t know but now I know that a refreshing or a restoring occurs 
When I return after wandering away.
He refreshes and restores me.
He is truly the God of second chances!
He leads I follow in the paths of righteousness for His name sake.
It means it is not the things I say or do that makes me righteous.
How wonderful!
But when I allow Him to lead me and I follow completely,
 He imputes righteousness in me.
I am confident 
That if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I cannot be afraid because He is with me.
He is real, death is only a shadow.
I do not fear death because I know who my Redeemer is,
His rod and staff are always with me to comfort and correct me 
Whenever the need arises.
My Shepherd prepares a table before me 
Even when I am surrounded by my enemies 
To prove to them that He loves me.
My head He anoints daily with His word so I would not fail to have His word 
At the right time when the need arises.
My cup and my lot He blesses.
Indeed His goodness and faithfulness will continually pursue me.
I am determined like the three Hebrew boys to live and remain in His pen
All the days of my life.
He is my shepherd, is He yours too?
There is no Shepherd in all the universe like Him, 
That lays His life for the sheep. 
Will you not make Him yours today, not just in words, but in action and truth?!


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