Stop And Think!

Have you stopped to think about the goings on in the world and your personal life?  There is so much sin in the world today through the lives of people. One would think that with the increase in Ministries and Church activities sin will decrease. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case. According to Isaiah 1:2-3, people have forgotten their Creator. The Scripture declares that the Ox and donkey are better than people as they both know who their masters are and who feeds them but the children of God do not.  For this reason, Isaiah 3:2-5 says God allowed everything to go backwards. As long as people will continue to contravene His commands, things will continue to go backwards. Look around you, the universal value of man have changed and is still changing. What we call civilization is the topsy turvy of the principles of God. We must make up our minds to return and remain with the Lord then we will indeed see His goodness in the land of the living. He is still on the Throne.


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