These Storms!

People have always asked 'why?' when faced with reversal of fortunes and storms of life. We try in our feeble way to understand what is going on with us. Why should such calamities or challenges befall us, especially if we are children of God. So many are faced with despair, discouragement, disillusionment about lost dreams, the loss of a loved one, hopes that are yet to be fulfilled, failed marriages and relationships. We are at at a loss as to what to do or even how to react. We feel our worlds are fallen apart. The question upper most in our hearts is Why Lord? Why me, why now? So many will testify that since they came to the Lord they have faced one trouble or the other. That should not be strange to us, the Lord told us He was giving us a new life with persecutions. Expecting a trouble free life is like spending counterfeit coins. It is not real but a fraud.

In Mark 4:35-41, the Disciples faced a similar challenge. The Lord told them to cross to the other side of the Lake. They left the crowd and got into the boat with Him. So many of us did this. We left our old lives and all it entails and entered the boat with Christ. Unfortunately, along the way, without warning, a storm arose that almost swamped the boat (our lives). We looked around thinking the only way this could be happening is that our Master is no longer in the boat. At what point did we miss Him? Did He jump out? Maybe, in the process of the rocking (unbelief), we may have dislodged Him. But our Master is still in the boat, but is sleeping! Impossible! How can this happen? Can He not feel the violent rocking of the boat? Sometimes we wonder, does He not care, can He not see what is happening to us?

One thing that was remarkable here, is not only was the Master sleeping in such a weather but the disciples had to wake Him up. How could He not feel the upheaval around Him. This is not a luxury yacht or a five star cruise liner! No matter what, do not allow the enemy tell you Jesus Christ is not with you. The Master is just waiting for you to wake Him up. Dont keep quiet or think about it. Open your mouth and wake Him up. So many feel if they keep quiet, God must out of concern or obligation move on their behalf. No way! God does not operate with emotions. Open your mouth and wake Him up.

This is not the time to think or get angry that He is not responding. God has a principle: when you ask you get, when you seek you find, when you knock it will be opened to you. These are all action words. Friend, Heaven needs to hear your voice! Dont allow the enemy silence you with your past sins, feelings of inadequacy, fear or faithlessness. You just get up and shake Jesus Christ awake. Oh He will hear, rise up and rebuke every storm that has risen against you. Dare to stand up, not in fear but in the assurance that He is waiting to hear you; raise your voice and pray until Heaven responds on your behalf.


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