Unprofitable, Now Profitable

The Bible tells us in Romans 8:16 that the Spirit of God bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. What witness are you getting in your spirit? Do the things or thoughts of God fill you with trepidation? Watch it, you are not in faith: quickly retrace your steps back to Him. In Philemon 10-17 we meet Onesimus a child of God but a runaway servant of Philemon. He met Apostle Paul who later led him to Christ. He became a changed man and was sent back to his master not as a servant but as a beloved brother.

Like Onesimus, so many children of God ran away willfully or ignorantly from Him and became strangers to Him and His ways. That is why there is a need to constantly check if we are in the faith. So many have taken paths alien to the path of God but they still speak 'christianese', preach, prophecy, counsel and pray, however they have become alien to Him. The fact that the prayers you prayed are answered, prophecies come true, people give you accolades for your counsels does not mean God approves of you.

Are you profitable to His Kingdom? Or by your unrestrained actions and attitudes you have driven people away from the Kingdom? No one is in dispute whether you are a child of God or not, whether you have a call or not. Once a person ceases to be a child of God by exhibiting characters and attitudes that are not of His Heavenly Father, he becomes an enemy of God. This is a frightful thought! Unfortunately it is the truth as there are no middle grounds in the spirit realm. You are either for God (Jesus Christ) or the devil. God does not have cousins, step children or distant relations. You are either His child or His enemy. Which one are you? It is not in the number of church services you have attended, the amount of offerings or tithes you pay, not even the positions you occupy or titles you have in the church. The question is how much of Him do you have in your heart: is your obedience complete?

Like Onesimus, if we return, we are no longer alienated from the Father nor are we His enemies any longer. We become His sons, members of His household and joint heirs with His Son. What an awesome thought! No longer are we unprofitable to God but profitable to Him. The only requirement is to believe, receive and constantly live for Him as your Lord and soon coming King!


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