Who Labeled You?

1Peter 2:9 reveals to us who we truly are in Christ Jesus and the purpose for our creation and redemption. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, who we are is been questioned and challenged by the devil using various means. He tries to give us another identity to distort what God has created us to be. Sadly, people are the instrument the devil uses to change the identities of a lot of children of God and they are now stuck to what these people have labeled them. To turn the tide, it is paramount that every person knows who they are in Christ or they will be plagued by insecurity and inferiority complex, consequently they will not fulfill the purpose for their creation and placement in this generation. 

In Acts 3:1-10, we met a man that had been lame from birth, he kept sitting at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple to beg for alms but he never made it inside. He had been labeled lame and confined to a beggarly life outside the Temple.  Friend, note this: the devil always sees ahead a glory that radiates over the life of a person of purpose and immediately he begins to fight such a person even from conception. If we accept what the devil labels or calls us through other people or circumstances we remain lame, deaf, possessed and blind rather than standing up and be who God has called us to be. Look at it this way, could it be that the very reason why you are been attacked with so much fury from hell is because God has a special interest, an assignment for you to perform in your generation? The enemy does not go after purposeless people, but after people with a mission. 

You might wonder how does the labeling come? Have you not noticed that when something is said to you repeatedly you begin to act, walk and even direct your existence around what is said about you? Before you know it, you begin to live based on what had been said about you. We must go back to the Master Builder, the Great Potter of our lives, the Designer of our destinies to seek and know what He had written concerning us - Psalm 139:15-16. We must understand that it was the mercy and grace of God that located the lame man in Acts 3. Jesus had to correct what people had declared about him. The mercy of God that located this man and he fulfilled purpose is still available to us in our time. It is time to pray telling the Lord to address the root of your condition and change your story.


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