Are You A Disciple?

You are the life of the party: when you enter a room, the mood changes and picks on your mood. Decisions are not taken except you make an impute.  All these happen to you and around you and you do not know why. You have often wondered especially when you have your own challenges to face, it seems no one sees this and you have come to take on the role of ‘Camp Mother’ unwillingly. This is not strange! The Lord only desires your attention. When Peter stood up and said he was going fishing, he invited none of the Disciples but a couple of them on their own joined him. The Lord had to quickly come to re-orientate him on the call upon his life. Incidentally, that is the kind of command that the Lord had given His children. Whatever they do, without inviting anyone, people join and copy their actions or words. You may just be one! How have you led the people around you? Have you not noticed that when you do a thing, people older, younger, family members even your peers take cue from you and do same? This calls for great caution on your part. This is not to scare you or get you puffed up but to understand the enormous responsibility the Lord had placed on you. What is happening to you is not strange because it is the mandate that God had placed on all His children. He told us in Genesis 1:28, to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. By the time we get to Matthew 28:19-20, the Lord told His Disciples to go into the world and make disciples of all the nations, teaching them to observe everything He had taught them. In other words, He is saying, go into the world and make replicas of yourselves. The devil had employed this means successfully, but the children of God are foot dragging. We had forgotten that it is the primary purpose of our existence not just to be fruitful in the affairs of the world but to make replicas of ourselves as we replicate Him. To do this, we need to understand who a disciple is. 

This call is not a call to Ministry as some may suppose but a call to a particular lifestyle: a lifestyle that is modeled after the Life of Christ. A disciple is different from a believer because he takes the extra step as seen in Matthew 5:1-2 to sit at the feet of Jesus Christ. He is groomed by the Lord to grow into the full stature of Christ. The Believers follow because of what they will eat and are easily blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine. This makes them fickle in their knowledge of the Lord. The Disciple on the other hand has a sincere hunger for the Giver and not the gifts. He desires above all else to know the Giver. He goes wherever the Master sends him and whatever the Master says is final even if he does not understand it at the time. These are the ones that can replicate according to the standard of God. When He chose His disciples in Mark 3:15, the Bible says the reason was that they would be His regular companions. With this He was able to pour His life into them; such that as they went about making disciples of the nations, people recognized them as having been with Jesus. For you to be a Disciple and teach, you must be with Jesus and being taught. U can teach men through mentoring to do their jobs or particular things more effectively, but it does not change their character, who they are on the inside. In discipleship, the man’s character, way of life changes completely to that of Christ, thus, ‘Christ in character, culture and craftsmanship.’ Do a revaluation of who you are in Christ and begin in Him to replicate by making disciples of men. God bless you.


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