Be Encouraged!

Are you waiting on the Lord concerning a particular issue and your faith is beginning to falter? Or you are in a terrible condition that looks as if there is no way out?  Do not give up, for we have a compassionate Father that is concerned with the minutest things that concerns us. A man in a terrible condition met with the Master in Luke 5:12-15. The Bible says when he met the Lord, he fell face down and begged Him. The moving statement he made was “if you are willing, You can make me clean”. This poignant statement points to the fact that this man may have lost everything as a result of this ailment. He must have been a well respected member of the community with a wonderful family and a thriving business. But due to his leprous condition, he was termed unclean and became an outcast. Everything he ever loved and held dear was taken from him. He had gotten to the end of his strength. Praise God that he encountered the Lord that faithful day and did not stand aloof. He did not care what men had called him, or the constraints this terrible ailment had placed on him, he went ahead and approached the Master. The Bible says he fell at the Master’s feet, signifying that he had no more strength to go on. Jesus Christ had great compassion for him and declared He was willing, reached out His hand and healed him. 

Same condition faced the children of Israel in Exodus 12. They had been in the land of Egypt for 430 years in terrible and agonizing conditions. By the time we got to verse 35 and 36, the Bible tells us that the children of Israel spoiled Egypt! How? In one day, all that the children of Israel had lost for 430 years was recovered and the enemy handed it over willingly at that! Your one day to plunder the enemy’s camp for all that had been stolen or taken away forcefully has come. No matter the situation or condition we find ourselves, the day had come for all to be restored in Jesus Christ Name. One thing the Lord is asking us to do however, according to Isaiah 35:3-4 is for us to strengthen our weak hands and steady our shaking knees. He said, we must be strong and not entertain fear no matter what is been thrown at us. He is coming with vengeance; bringing retribution upon all those that have risen up against us. Friend, do not fear or doubt the power of God to save you. The Bible tells us in Psalm 91:1 in the Amplified Version that we must remain stable and fixed in Him. He that promised will not delay, wait for Him, He is near! God bless you.


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