The Call Of God

Listen! The Lord is with you when you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you (2Chronicles 15:2). This is a solemn word of God! He means it and He shows no favoritism. So many have used the decay of the society they live, school or work in as an excuse not to seek God. In Genesis 6 we saw a similar scenario play out: sons of God started mingling with the daughters of men such that they started giving birth to children that were half breeds. This was the generation of Noah; they grieved God so much that He regretted creating man. Despite this prevalent evil, the Lord found Noah to be faithful and righteous. Noah not only lived in that generation, he had a family and a job. These did not deter him from seeking God and serving Him. God found him out on the whole earth as a righteous man. Then God called him and told him about His plans to destroy the earth and the provisions He had made for Noah to save himself and his household. Can we pause and ask ourselves this question: ‘in this generation where God is seeking for those who will worship Him in truth and in Spirit, will I be counted or sought out as a righteous man?’ ‘Are my ways the same as that of the world around me and if a destruction were to come now, will I also be destroyed with them?’ There is a need to search our hearts because God shows no favoritism. We must be approved by the standard of Heaven not the standard of the Church or our Pastors. There is a search in the heart of God for men He will send to a world that is gradually spiraling out of control. Will you say like Isaiah ‘here I am send me’? The Lord is assuring us in 2Chronicles 15:7 not to be discouraged or dismayed by the things we see or experience in obeying Him because our work with Him will be rewarded. Will you heed this call?


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