Combating Sexual Lust

Over the generations, the devil had successfully corrupted or aborted the visions, purposes of mighty men in their callings. They were unable to attain to the height God had for them because of the enemy. To attain this, the devil successfully launched attacks on people and recorded great successes using the weapon of sexual lust. Great men and women had been disgraced, their visions, missions and purposes terminated by this terrible demon. He tried it with Joseph in Genesis 39. The Bible tells us that a great famine was coming upon the world and God sent Joseph into Egypt using his brothers in order to save Israel. The enemy thus deployed this terrible demon to stop him in his tracks so as to destroy the Hebrew race before it grows. He knew that the only way to stop him, since he was faithful in every other area, was to send this demon of sexual lust. However, Joseph knew from training that even if no one knew about the sin he commits, God would know and from then on, his prayers will be an abomination to God – ‘Anyone who turns his ear away from hearing the law even his prayer is detestable’- Proverbs 28:9. Joseph reasoned correctly that this sin was an affront to God and he was determined not to partake in it. He loved God, his earnest desire was to honor and please God in all things. This was what gave him the inner strength to refuse Mrs. Potiphar and keep his libido in check. 

The reason children of God can enter into this sin at will is because they never loved Jesus Christ nor do they have an earnest desire to please Him. Once the foundation of loving God and living our lives to please Him is faulty, one would flounder at the fountain of sin, especially of the sexual kind. Friend, do not be deceived, sex does not just happen except it was rape. It takes desire, planning and nursing. No wonder David prayed that God would deliver him from the power of the dog in Psalm 22:20b. He knew he cannot fight this demon of sexual lust on his own without the Lord's help. Several times, David sought the face of the Lord to deliver him from it. Sexual lust disgraces, robs one of his inheritance in God and eventually kill the person. If  not confessed and forgiveness sought, such a life will be rife with guilt, lies, anger, depression and the likes.
How then do we fight this?
  •        Romans 6:4, 17-19 and verse 22 reminds us of the new life we now have in Christ Jesus. If you profess to have this new life, then you must pattern your life after the life of Christ.
  •      1Thessalonians 4:1-8 tells us to walk everyday of our lives to please God and most especially possess our own bodies in sanctification and honor. 
  •      We must become more mindful of what we allow to enter our hearts. Romans 12:1-2
  •      Develop a consciousness of devoting yourself to the things of God by asking God for grace to do this on a daily basis. 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, Romans 6:13, Titus 2:11-12.
As we do this, grace is released to us to walk as representatives of the Most High God.


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