Pottery – My Story, My Song!

I can see the admiration in your eyes for me as you look at me through the display glass. Very true, I am beautiful, rugged and dainty at the same time. My lines are not only beautiful but graceful as well. I could hear your sighs and the wish that you could possess me and take me home with you. So sorry, I am not for sale. I belong solely to my Master for His pleasure. You can however find my story in Jeremiah 18:1-12. But if you do not mind, I would like to share a bit of myself with you. I have not always been like this. I was picked from the ground that men had trampled on, all but forgotten. I had resigned to my fate to be forever forgotten, despised, unloved, unrecognized, trampled on and worn out. One day, there came along this lovely Man. He bent down and scooped me from the dirt of forgetfulness, sin and hopelessness and took me home with Him. As soon as He got to what I can only think must be His House, He put me on a table and started working on me. At first, as He poked at me it was gentle, later it became quite painful. I then realized he was taking out everything that was foreign to my composition. A broken bottle here, some nails there, stones here, fragments of metals and things I do not recognize or remember how they got into me. I was so used to them that I did not care about the discomfort they caused me. As He kept poking into me, especially inside of me, I thought several times, why did He not just leave me the way He found me, this pain is just too much, besides, what does He or I stand to gain from all this? 

Then, He put me on a wheel and turns me round and round and my head was giddy from the spinning, whilst His hand was shaping me into something I had no idea. Just when I thought the spinning was over, He pummeled me with His fist and started spinning me round all over again. Oh God, not again! I realized that in the process of those circumstances and issues of life spinning me around I became malformed in His hands. He is the Perfect Master, and all He does and produces are perfect. Since I was marred in His hands, He had to start all over again. Thank you Potter, my Maker that you did not leave me in the mess the spinning had caused me! Later He looks at me and smiled. I thought I had hit the home run; He then carefully put me in a furnace. The furnace of Life! It is hot, hot!! I realized that the only way to survive this is to die: to deaden my members. Then from the corner of my eye, I could see Him. Is He in the fire or just watching? But the comfort of knowing He is here in the furnace gave me the strength to remain. After a while, He brings me out with so much joy on His face, He then puts beautiful colors and designs on me! Praise God! Indeed you cannot take me away, I belong to Him, and I am the result of His loving touch, the work of His hands. Will you not surrender to Him completely? Stop the struggling so He could carry out His plans for you. For you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to Him, to display His splendor, might, power and glory!


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