True Change

As children of God, many of us desire change, but when faced with decisions that will effect these changes, we falter. So many have prayed to God to change their circumstances, when the Lord answered and told them what they have to do for the change to come, they turn tail and run. You cannot desire change and be set in the very things you want changed. If you truly desire change, then you must let go of the things you want changed consciously and begin to apply the prescriptions you have been given by the Lord. In Genesis 32:1-2, we see Jacob encountering the Angels of the Lord. The only experience he left that encounter with was to name the land ‘God’s Camp! That’s how so many of God’s children react to God when they encounter Him, instead of their hearts to be affected they only apply the experience to their physical circumstances. God is not just interested in changing our circumstances, He desires our hearts above all else. No wonder God had to return again and again to Jacob until he got it. In contrast, when the Lord appeared to Joshua with a drawn sword in Joshua 5:13-15, he recognized Him as the Lord and asked Him if He had come to help them or their enemies. The Lord said neither, but had come as the Commander of the Lord’s Army. Joshua knew that if he desired victory, he and the children of Israel must leave their camp and join the Camp of God not vice versa! He relinquished his authority and surrendered to the Lordship of God. Friend, the battle was first won in the heart of Joshua. As a result of this, the battle map for the defeat of Jericho was released to him. The Lord is set to effect the change we desperately desire in us but first, we must relinquish authority to Him by letting go of the things that has held us bound and allow His word to renew our minds according to Romans 12:1-2. My dear friend, enough of the rhetoric, if you truly desire change, then let go and allow God, because true change must first emanate from the inside. Once you do this, then the battle maps for the next level will be released to you. God bless you!


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