Who Do You See?

When faced with challenges or experiences that are beyond you, who do you see? Who you see determines your reaction to the situations. As a child of God, the Lord said the Spirit He has given us is not for us to become slaves of fear again. He has given us His Spirit, which equally bears witness with our spirit that we are sons of God. If you do not see this then there is a problem with your vision and you will always react wrong! Take a cue from Elijah, he was standing before an earthly king that was determined to kill him, but he saw only the Lord; that was why he was bold to tell the earthly king, he was standing before the Living God. The king feared and respected him for this. This takes boldness and knowledge of who you are and the stuff you are made of. Once we grasp hold of this knowledge, we become dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. We were not purchased by the Blood of Christ to be cowards that flinch at every sign of trouble. We are to take the fight to the gates, stand our ground before the mountains of this world and command them to move. 

The Lord is very particular about what we see, because what we see determines how we see Him and how far we will go with Him. The Lord asked Jeremiah what he saw, when he answered correctly; the Lord replied that He was watching to bring His word to pass. The Bible tells us in Psalm 16:5-6 that the Lord is our portion, our prize. Once we internalize this, we can stand and be bold like the men in Hebrews 11:13-15. These men were not carried away with the physical things they saw but were looking forward to a heavenly city whose architect and builder is God. God was so pleased with them that He surname them God.You do not surname bastards or someone you met on the streets. He adopted us and made us His very own. No wonder the Lord has challenged the kingdom of darkness concerning us: which of them can bring an accusation against the chosen ones of God, for God Himself is the One that made us His own! Friend, it does not matter what the enemy is showing, whispering or yelling, don't see him by giving attention to him. If you give attention to him, he has won. Take your eyes off him and focus on your Father, Jesus Christ because you carry His very nature. They bowed (challenges and experiences) to Him they must surely bow to you too!


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