The Open Door!

Have you noticed that when a Word from the Lord goes forth concerning you, it looks as if something had positioned itself to stop the Word from coming to pass? Unfortunately, instead of patiently waiting for it, so many get disillusioned and weary; a lot enter the trap of doubt and unbelief, mope around and everything they do or say is colored with their feelings. This is not strange or new! However, if you are in this ship, do disembark and walk in faith; remember that your unfaithfulness will not make the Lord unfaithful. If He has spoken then He will bring it to pass. No matter how much you mope or go around feeling sorry for yourself, it will not hasten what He had said rather you will delay it by your actions and unpreparedness. In 1 Corinthians 16:9 Apostle Paul says, "There is a great and effective door open to me, and there are many adversaries." This is the way of the Kingdom. Spiritual opportunity is always accompanied by opposition: Open door - many adversaries! They're like Siamese twins. It is important for you to understand this as it explains some of the storms you may be going through right now. Understand that, if God is about to use you the devil will begin to fight you in order to disqualify you. The devil knows this is the only time he's got to stop you so as not to fulfill the will of God. The great preacher Charles Spurgeon once said, "The greatest sign of God's will and power is the devil's growl." Maybe you're hearing the growl right now. Friend, that is good!  Be strengthened because there is an open door!  Please do understand that Open Door means many adversaries. If there is an opportunity, then expect opposition. Satan knows it's going to be hard to stop you once God's plans really starts to unfold. He's got to get you before you go through the door.  And you know what; his tool will not always be an obvious connection to the Open Door. He may go after your health, your family, your car, your prayer life, your money, your job etc. The devil doesn't give up ground easily, but Praise God he's already defeated. If God starts opening doors and gives you opportunities, do begin to pray more intensely for protection for you and yours and do remain faithful to God’s Word. The Bible says that "He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by His cross." Remain in the Secret Place of the Most High, dwelling under His Shadow, where no enemy can touch you. As you wait to enter through the Open Door, pray against discouragement, depression, and weariness when you encounter a push back from the other side. When you encounter this ‘push back’ it actually means something very important is about to happen. Serving the Lord is much like playing American football. As soon as you start gaining ground spiritually, the other side starts to come after you to attack and stop you. When you charge, they charge! As for you, just keep focused and your face set as a flint towards the goal; running towards the open door, because you have the Son of God, Jesus Christ blocking for you. The grace to remain steadfast in Him is released to you in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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