The Place

Understand this: as the challenges of the times increases so we would see the manifestation of the true sons of God! The truth is, this indeed is our moment to showcase the AWESOME Power of the Most High God in all spheres. The Bible calls these days we are in difficult and hard to bare times. These are the times that the Lord will purge every alloy and dross from His Body!  And friend, that is exactly the times we are in now. This is the times when the world leaders of thought have become clueless and even thoughtless in their decisions. This calls for caution and prayers on our part. It is not the time to argue the ‘wherefores’ and ‘heretofores’, neither the time to castigate nor pull them down but to pray for them because it is the ‘times’.  The Bible declares in Daniel 11:32b “…but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.”  Only people who ‘know’ their God will do exploits for the Kingdom by taking action in these times in affecting the society from government to the home front. To ‘Know’ Him is to be where He is, constantly relating to Him. This is the times in which we must return back to the Place of Instruction. Without His instruction we will be clueless like the rest of the world. There is a place in God where He speaks clearly and gives out instructions; the Place to receive what is needful for every challenge and steps of life. Beloved, that Place no man can go in with you and no man can go in continually on your behalf, you must enter in. It is not a Place of casual occasional visits; but a Place we must dwell in!  To be able to subdue the enemy and walk in victory, there is the need to return to the Place, where He would dole out the instructions on how to work and walk. There is so much terror in the world right now that it is threatening to sweep mankind into the chasm of self-destruction! This is an old strategy of the devil. Jacob in Genesis 32 was greatly terrified of meeting his brother whom he defrauded of his birthright several years before. His brother Esau had a right to kill him and dispossess him for this great wrong and Jacob knew he cannot stop him. Thus, he dug into his bag of tricks and wiles but he knew inside of him it will not work. He needed something that his deceit and wiles were unable to provide. We saw him pray all night, woke up the next day and made his own plans. Still, he had no peace of mind, just a fearful trepidation of what laid ahead. As a buffer, he sent off gifts and his family to meet with his dreaded brother whilst he stayed alone. Praise God, he knew nothing in his bag of tricks would work this time around; it was time to talk with God in the Place. When he did, the first thing God did was to wrestle with him. Made him see that he was just a mere man, the only thing that will make him win is if he perseveres, remain, hold on and not let go. When he did this, the Lord came to his rescue. In that Place he received strength to face his perceived challenge. His grandfather Abraham had to locate the Place in Genesis 22 and he received provision and instruction. No wonder he named the Place “GOD-Sees-to-it”! Friend, the Place is secret and there is a diligence on our part if we must find it. The woman with the alabaster jar found it and obtained forgiveness, favor and honor. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 11:6b that “…anyone who approaches God must believe that He exists and that He cares enough to respond to those who seek Him.” It is time to stand up from all stupor and complacency to seek THE PLACE: Where GOD-Sees-to-it to receive strength and instructions for the journey because the journey is indeed far. Remember, no man seeks Him and not find Him. Seek Him my friend and you will find Him in Jesus Christ name. The grace to search Him out is released to you in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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