Finishing Well 1

When Mary Magdalene reported to Simon Peter and the disciple that Jesus Christ loved that she could not find the Lord’s Body that had been placed in the tomb, they both ran to the tomb to verify her words. The Bible recorded in John 20:1-8 that they both ran together but the other disciple whom Christ loved outran Peter and arrived at the tomb first without entering. I could imagine the excitement, disbelief, shock and so many emotions that could be flooding their minds at that moment. But something curious happened; the disciple whom Jesus loved got to the tomb but did not enter in until Peter entered the tomb chamber before he could. That was quite distressing. He had run so hard yet he could not enter until another from behind entered first to ascertain that there was no danger! Praise God he later entered! So many times we had pursued the Lord concerning several matters but just when we were about to go in deeper, so many develop cold feet and draw back. Friend, it is not how fast you can run this race, but the question at the end would be: did you finish and in what manner did you run? No matter how comfortable we may get or the numerous trials we go through, we must finish the race and finish well. The course set before us on this earth is filled with trials and the Bible encourages us to endure the trials, pass the tests therein then we would be qualified to get the Victor’s Crown (James 1:12). Several had cut short the race as a result of stupendous breakthroughs or challenges that seemed overwhelming. Thus, they have pulled to the side of the road unable to continue the race. Paul declared he had one purpose: to run the race and finish the course set before him so as to win the Victor’s Crown. In the just concluded Olympic Games in Britain, an athlete was asked what kept him going when he knew he had come last and the other competitors in the event had since finished their course. He replied, ‘his country did not send him to stop his event half way but to finish it’! This answer may sound foolish but that was the simple truth. Each athlete was sent to the Event by all participating countries to finish their course no matter the conditions. But we may argue however, that each athlete must go there to win. Now, if winning no matter the cost is the objective of the games, then the spirit of sportsmanship will be killed and the competitive spirit will be taken to a destructive level which will not augur well for the games on the long run. The lesson for us as children of God is that we must run the race, finish it and finish well! This race is not about who is the greatest, most popular, biggest, richest, fastest or smartest rather it is about who finished the race according to the rules (standard of God): “Also if anyone competes as an athlete, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.” 2 Timothy 2:5. If it was not ran according to the standard of God such will be disqualified even if he thinks he has finished the race. Settle in your hearts to run the race set before you according to the standard of God and to finish well. God bless you.


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